Spirit City: How To Get All 24 Achievements Guide

Spirits are our friends!

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions lets you discover and collect Spirits and customize a cozy virtual space. That’s not all, the game helps you facilitate real-life tasks with handy features designed to ease stress and improve overall concentration and all while listening to a soothing lo-fi soundtrack in the background.  

Aside from all the functional handy features Spirit City has, discovering and capturing ghosts is a fun quest that keeps you hooked to the game. And if you’re a completionist, you might want to collect every achievement, and we’ll help you do that.

How To Get All 24 Achievements Guide

Spirit City

The game is aesthetically pleasing and going throughout the entire game will be a soothing experience so make sure not to miss out on any. The estimated duration to complete the game is 30 hours and all achievements are fairly easy to acquire.

There are three categories of Achievements:

  1. Tasks (which involve completing in-game tasks.) 4 out of 24 achievements in this category.
  2. Spirits (discovering spirits). 14 out of 24 achievements in this category.
  3. Spiritographer (leveling up). 6 out of 24 achievements in this category.

Now, let’s get into how to complete each of these categories along with the achievements themselves!


Tasks mainly contain the more basics part of the game. These are unmissable and you gradually complete them when you start the game or strat playing it. Let’s look at what they are.

  1. Welcome to Spirit City!
Welcome to Spirit City! achievement in Spirit City

This one is by far the easiest achievement to obtain and you complete it by going through the introductory tutorial. This will not take more than 3 minutes to complete the entire thing and get your achievement. 

  1. Checking things off!
Checking things off! achievement in Spirit City

For this achievement, start by adding a task to your To-Do list. You can view your To-Do at the bottom right of the screen. 

task bar in Spirit City

Once that’s added, mark it as finished by clicking on the box. The task mark will be crossed out automatically. 

  1. Getting things done!
Getting things done! achievement in Spirit City

For this achievement, you’ll need to set the game’s timer. To do that, go to the same bottom right corner but instead of the to-do list, head to the tiny stopwatch icon next to the To-Do list.  

Then, open the tab and adjust the amount of time you want to add to the timer. Once the timer ends, you should obtain your “Getting things done!” achievement. 

  1. Spirit Lover

Obtain this achievement by simply going to your adorable pet and petting them for the first time. You can do this by clicking on the pet (except when you’re in the Wardrobe Menu).

Spirits (Discovering Spirits)

Most of the achievements fall in this category. There are a total of 15 spirit companions within the game, each one unique and unlocked differently. We’ve already caressed our companion spirit Lenny, which leaves us down to 14 spirits to discover

To find your spirit companion, you might need to change some settings in housing configuration like lighting (activities or sounds), show patience which means you let the game run for a while or click on the Spirit Dex when it shows a red dot (this last part is important and has to be done on every spirit you come across). 

You can find the housing configuration settings in the image below: 

housing configuration in Spirit City

The game also provides you with small hints/suggestions that nudge you in the right direction. You can find these suggestions with the help of your SpiritDex but for your convenience we’ll add those here too. 

You can unlock each achievement by discovering the spirit mentioned below.

  1. Discovered Goopii
Discovered Goopii achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “My desk has felt strangely clean lately, I may even be missing some supplies.”

Solution: Activity on the desk. 

  1. Discovered Dustbunny
Discovered Dustbunny achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “I’ve heard strange noises under my bed at night, I wonder what it could be.”

Solution: Lighting set to Night and Activity on the Bed.

  1. Discovered Hedgelog
Discovered Hedgelog achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “This spirit only seems to live in hot, really hot places.”

Solution: Activity on the Fireplace and Sounds set to Cozy Fireplace.

  1. Discovered Chapterpillar
Discovered Chapterpillar achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “Whenever I’m reading, I’ve felt the presence of something over my shoulder.”

Solution: Activity in the Baywindow Reading.

  1. Discovered EarlyBirb
Discovered EarlyBirb achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “The past few mornings I’ve been awoken by a curious chirping noise.”

Solution: Lighting set to Morning, Activity on the Bed, Sounds set to Birds Singing.

  1. Discovered Arachknit
Discovered Arachknit achievement in Spirit City

Hint: As the light gets low, I seem to keep stepping on bits of loose knitting yarn scattered about.

Solution 1: Activity on the Fireplace Knitting

Solution 2: Activity on the Baywindow Knitting.

  1. Discovered Drizzlefin
Discovered Drizzlefin achievement in spirit City

Hint: I heard an old tale of a teary-eyed spirit… “When the sky weeps and stars come out to play, you might find them swimming amidst the droplets.”

Solution: Lighting set to Night, Activity on the Baywindow, Sounds set to Smooth Rain.

  1. Discovered Moonpaw
Discovered Moonpaw achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “On windy nights it almost sounds like something is howling at the moon.”

Solution: Lighting set to Night, Sounds set to Soothing Wind.

  1. Discovered Kettlebrew

Hint: “Rumours abound of a spirit that welcomes the day with a cup of tea by the fire.”

Solution: Lighting set to Morning, Activity in the Fireplace.

  1. Discovered Trashnuki
Discovered Trashnuki achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “This hungry spirit can be lured out by the sound of cooking around lunchtime.”

Solution: Lighting set to Afternoon, Sounds set to Tasty Sizzling.

  1. Discovered Bulbee
Discovered Bulbee achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “During lightning storms, I’ve noticed the lights flicker in strange patterns.”

Solution: Sounds set to Rumbling Thunders.

  1. Discovered Sunquill
Discovered Sunquill achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “There’s an enchanting song coming from the forest as the sun sets.”

Solution: Lighting set to Evening, Sounds set to Night Forest.

  1. Discovered Vootodoo
Discovered Vootodoo achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “This spirit haunts those who spend too much time procrastinating in bed.”

Solution: Activity in the Bed Browsing.

  1. Discovered Inkster
Discovered Inkster achievement in Spirit City

Hint: “I heard of a spirit that can help me overcome my writer’s block.”

Solution 1: Activity in the Fireplace Writing.

Solution 2: Activity on the Desk Writing

Spiritographer (Leveling Up)

  1. Amateur Spiritographer
Amateur Spiritographer achievement in Spirit City

You get this achievement when you level up for the first time to level 2! It is easy to level up the first time and you can achieve this pretty fast with a daily task or two. These tasks include:

  • Daily login
  • Daily task done
  • Daily timer done
  • Spending time in the game
  • Discovering spirits

Hover your mouse over the level bar and you’ll see all the tasks you have yet to complete in the game. 

When you level up, you obtain Spirit Credit which is the currency of the game. Click on the level bar every time you level up to get 500 Spirit Credit along with information on how to unlock spirits to your Spirit Dex. You can spend the credits on clothes, skins for our spirits and decoration for your cozy place. 

  1. Scholarly Spiritographer

“Reach level 10, you begin to impress those around you with your trivia about Spirits.”

Unlocked when you reach level 10.

  1. Proficient Spiritographer

“Reach level 20, Spiritography is starting to become second-nature to you.”

Unlocked when you reach level 20.

  1. Veteran Spiritographer

“Reach level 30, Spirits begin to flock to you thanks to your knowledge and caring ways.”

Unlocked when you reach level 30

  1. Expert Spiritographer

“Reach level 40, your fellow Spiritography peers start looking up to you as the resident expert.”

Unlocked when you reach level 40.

  1. Genius Spiritographer

“Reach level 50, you are pretty much a living encyclopedia for all things Spirit-related.”

Unlocked when you reach level 50

So, there you have it! You’ve unlocked every achievement in the game and had tons of fun while doing so. If you’re still confused about where to find the spirits in Spirits City, you might want to check out this comprehensive guide on Spirit City: All Spirits Location And How To Find Them!


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