Slap Battles: Hive Glove Guide & Secret Radio Code

We have yet another new glove in the game, but how do you get it?

Slap Battles regularly gets content updates, which are usually a whole bunch of gloves with special abilities. In this guide, we will quickly be showing you how to acquire the new Hive Glove and what it does, as well as a bonus code for those who own the radio in the game!

Hive Glove Guide & Secret Radio Code

The Hive Glove costs 3,250 slaps to purchase, and it has a power rating of 48 and a speed of 14. This puts it at roughly in the middle of the pack in terms of how much you have to pay to get it.

Its special active ability is called Busy Bees, and using it will cause bees to start swarming around your glove. If you slap another player while this ability is active, your glove will break and release the swarm onto others.

Whoever gets marked by the swarm will temporarily lose control over their character and start running in random directions for a few seconds. This prevents them from using abilities as well.

Your Hive Glove will supposedly respawn some time before or after the bees have swarmed another player, but until then, you will not have the ability to slap anyone.

NOTE: Players affected by a swarm can still slap back, but they will have a hard time aiming it properly as their character will be spazzing out throughout the ability’s effect.

Slap Battles player wearing the hive glove

It has a passive ability too, which causes it to mark players with honey. The person you slapped will also leave behind a few puddles that will inflict the same mark on those who step on them.

Anyone who has the honey status effect will have a lowered movement speed and cannot jump until it goes away. In addition to this, any marked players will also be swarmed by Busy Bees if the Hive user decides to use it.

Slap Battles player hitting the Busy Bees ability

Secret Radio Code

Those who own the Radio game pass (costs around 75 Robux) can input the code “18318163712” to reveal some secret music files seemingly made for the Guide boss fight, which is currently unreleased.

If you want to learn more about this upcoming piece of content, check out our article on the Guide boss fight leaks for Slap Battles. There, you’ll get more in-depth information about this future PVE content.

Basically, this secret code will let you play the entire soundtrack for the Guide boss fight, which will seemingly have four phases, each with its own distinct song. Other players can hear this if you play it using the radio, so you can share the teases with people in the server if you so desire.

Slap Battles player with a radio playing the secret code for others

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the new Hive Glove, as well as a bonus little secret for those who have access to one game pass item. If you’re still in need for some new gear, check out our guide on how to get the Siphon Gloves in Slap Battles to add yet another special weapon to your arsenal.


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