Slap Battles: How To Get Pan Glove & Into The Crypt Badge

How about bringing a huge Pan into battle?

Slap Battles: How To Get Pan Glove & Into The Crypt Badge Featured Image

You can choose from a wide range of Gloves as you fight against many other players in the Slap Battles‘ in-game Arena. Some Gloves are very easy to get with the currencies as long as you have enough. However, some require you to complete tasks to obtain a specific Badge for the Gloves.

The Pan Gloves are one of the items that you can get along with the Snow Peep UGC. After collecting the Snow Peep, you will also receive the Badge which unlocks your access to the Pan Gloves.

In this guide, we will show you the steps, so you can start obtaining them.

How To Get Pan Glove & Into The Crypt Badge

To get the Pan Gloves and the Into The Crypt Badge, you will need to click on the Snow Peep in the secret area.

For more details, you can take a look at the more specific steps to get to the Snow Peep’s Location.

  1. First, you will need to gather 3 different items. They are the Bob Plush, Rob Plush, and the Alchemist’s Hood.
  2. To get the Alchemist’s Hood item, you will need to find the Keypad in the Normal Arena and type in the code depending on the number of in-game players in the server you’re playing. You will then be in a Maze, go inside the entrance next to the painting and you will find the Hood.
  3. In order to get Rob Plush, use the Rob Gloves and Bob Gloves abilities to create a purple portal that teleports you to the Null Zone. At the end of the Zone, you will find the Rob Plush on a table. There are traps in the way so be careful.
  4. To get the Bob Plush, you and another player must use the Reverse Gloves’ Abilities on one another. This will teleport you to the Limbo Area. There, you can find the Bob Plushie on a floating island.
  5. Once you have collected all three items, the door will spawn in the same area and you will be able to collect the Snow Peep.
Snow Peep Slap Battles

Once you have clicked on the Snow Peep and purchased it for 0 Robux (Free), you will be able to receive the Into The Crypt Badge. The Badge will also grant you access to the Pan Gloves.

Pan Gloves Slap Battle

When you hit someone with the Pan Gloves, the Tencell character will spawn with a Pan. He will then slap the player you slapped in either the left or the right direction.

You can change the direction of the Slap by pressing E.

Pan Gloves Slap Battle in action

The Tencell NPC can have a chance of performing a critical hit. This critical hit will turn the player that gets hit into gold and instantly kill them.

The Character you spawn with the Gloves will also turn golden, indicating a critical hit.

That’s how you can get the Pan Gloves in Roblox Slap Battles. This is a fun weapon that you can use and can be quite good as well. Each time you hit an opponent; you will know that they will have a guaranteed chance of being hit a second time. If you can find a good angle, you can even knock them off the map!

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