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Sniper Elite 5: Secret Weapons (Mission 7) | All Collectible Locations

Care to collect all the secret weapons?

The area and map for each mission in Sniper Elite are quite large, and you will get multiple objectives in the mission. Aside from this, you will also find Secret Weapons in the map. This guide will show you the locations of all the Secret Missions in Mission 7 of Sniper Elite 5. 

Secret Weapons Locations – Sniper Elite 5

Secret Weapons are hidden items or collectibles that you can get all over the map in Sniper Elite 5. You can find the location of all the secret weapons below. 

  • Head to the southernmost part of the map and aim your scope on the man beside the headlight. Shoot him to get the 1st classified document.
  • Go to the waterfalls area and enter the wooden barricade to find the first workbench.
  • In the same area, kill and loot the soldier in this area.
  • Head southwest and climb the stairs on your right. Shoot the stone eagle on the right side of the building. 
  • In the same area, head into the small barracks and the item will be on the table.
  • Head for the truck this time and climb the ladder on your right. Enter the door to your left and drop down the ladder. Use the item and light up the campfire to get to the lake overlook starting point. 
  • Go to the area on the map and kill the intruder. 
  • In the same area as the intruder, head to the small tent and get the item on the table. 
  • Head east this time and go underneath the bridge to find the item. 
  • To the buildings on the eastern side, use a crowbar to sabotage the fuse on the wooden house to your right. Go inside the house to find the schedule. 
  • Go outside and inspect the officer on the train tracks. Enter the house on your left and climb up. Open the green safe to get the collectible.
  • In the same area, pick up the letter on the table near the green safe.
  • Head to the easternmost part of the map and climb the pipe on the house to your right. Continue climbing the ledges until you get to the blue door and enter the house to get the house as a starting location. 
  • Go inside the house and head down. Loot the paper near the body. 
  • Head a little to the south and you will find a stone eagle on top of a cliff. 
  • Go to the north this time and enter the small tent to your right. The paper will be on top of the table. 
  • Head a little to the west and enter the building. Climb the ladders until you see a dead man with a white coat. Loot him to get the item. 
  • Climb further up the ladders and enter the drawing room at the end of the hallway. Pick up the logistics paper on top of the table. 
  • Go into the war room and climb up the blue stairs. Pick up the paper on the table to your right inside the room. 
  • Head down to the lower level of the area then enter the first entryway on your right. Loot the officers and unlock the door at the end of the hallway and find the SMG Workbench.
  • Go back outside the hallway and enter the yellow entryway. Crouch and you will find an ID below the wooden table. 
  • Loot the officer here to get the plant key and head south to the huge building. Climb the ladder beside it and unlock the door using the key. 
  • Head into the tunnel and pick up the letter beside the rocket on your left.
  • In the same area, head to your right and loot the officer here to get the armory key. Unlock the armory on your right to get the Rifle Workbench.
  • Head to the northernmost area and enter the small wooden shack here. The item will be on top of the table. 
  • In the same area, head a little to the northwest. There is a small circle platform here. Aim your scope to the bottom of the dam to get the stone eagle.

There you have it, that is all the collectibles you can get in Mission 7. Make sure to loot the bodies for any keys. 

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