Sol’s RNG: All Star Pull Animation

How do they look like?

Sol's RNG: All Star Pull Animation

The rarest of auras in Sol’s RNG aren’t just cool to look at, but get their own star pull animation. It’s definitely exciting as while the entire lobby can see what you get immediately announced, you wait in suspense. But did you know that each aura has a unique animation? The colors of the stars may just tell you what you’re about to get!

All Star Pull Animation

There’s currently a huge number of blue-dominated star pull animations which is arguably one of the best colors. Auras that are of 10k+ rarity all get a star pull animation. That includes mutations of Flushed which is over 69k rarity despite the base form having only 6.9k rarity and other similar auras.

GravitationalChromaticMatrixExotic: Apex
HadesRage: HeatedFlushed: LobotomyHyper-Volt
Undead: DevilCometLightning

Special mention is the Breakthrough effect, which appears when you get an aura outside their dedicated weather. It is shown in the form of a cracked white screen after the star pull animation.

Those are all the star pull animation that we’ve managed to find so far in Sol’s RNG. Some of the rarest auras’ pull animation remains elusive from us!

Which one was the most stunning animation? Want to know what all the auras look like? Here’s a full showcase of all aura in Sol’s RNG including the limited Valentine’s skins.


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