Sol’s RNG: Complete Beginners Guide

Even RNG has strategy.

Sol's RNG: Complete Beginners Guide

Sol’s RNG is all about RNG, and this guide will explain how to beat the RNG. Of course, luck may mean you don’t have to spend as much time despite all the tricks. There’s a reason why those top rollers aren’t the same as those with the rarest title!

Complete Beginners Guide

The game is simple. You have the Roll button and Jake’s Workshop. Every roll, you get a title of various rarities.

To raise your chances, you need to wear the best gear in the game, which is the Exo Gauntlet. Alternatively, the Solar Device is also good for increasing luck.

Make sure to also make rounds on the map to get the Lucky Potions. While Speed Potions only increase your rolling speed slightly. You can stack them as each lasts for 1 minute. They spawn randomly around the map and easy to spot as they glow bright green.

How to Craft

Materials needed to craft are the same title that you get. And whenever you roll, you must click Equip to confirm keeping the title. Then press Add on the material. When you use it as a material, you lose the title.

Inventory System

Initially, you can only keep 6 titles. Spend coins you get from doing Achievements and finding Coins on the map to expand your backpack to keep more.

If you keep more than your inventory limit, you’re going to lose the earliest title you keep.

Rolling Strategy

Some titles only appear under certain time. You can check the time and weather in the bottom left corner. Lunar only appears at nighttime and Solar only appears during daytime.

Others like the Permafrost and Glacier, needs Snowy weather. Wind title needs Windy weather, so on and so forth.

If you’re trying to make an EXO Gauntlet, you can’t really automate this process. You’ll have to manually roll the titles because you need specific titles as materials.

If you already have the equipment OR want to just start rolling, use an auto-clicker to help you with the rolling. Do note you CANNOT AFK this process if you want to keep the title. If you do, you will have the title in your Collection, but not in your backpack.

And that’s the Sol’s RNG guide for you. The rest is up to your luck! Speaking of luck, we’ve got another guide for getting the Minion Power in Soul Knight Prequel as well. Luck is a factor, but not something you can’t do anything about.


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