Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build – Red Necklace Guide (Tempest Mage)

Ready to blast your enemies with a ton of Icicles?

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One of the best features of Soul Knight Prequel is the freedom to make and experiment with your own builds. Now, a build you can try is called the Grand Ice Dance Build, which lets you deal massive amounts of damage using your Tempest Mage!

If you’re looking forward to trying out the build, I got you covered. I’ll show you all the equipment you’ll need, as well as how to get them.

Grand Ice Dance Build (Tempest Mage)

To achieve the Grand Ice Dance Build, you will need your Tempest Mage (which means you’ll need to have either the Stormblade, Storm Warden or Elementalist) to equip the Red Necklace called “Heart of Ice” which I will tackle on how to acquire below.

Why? It’s because the Red Necklace makes the Icicles skill turn into an Ice Ball that continuously launches several Icicles towards enemies – which is provides lots of insane AOE damage and coverage.

Provided below are the recommended build to maximize the damage output of this skill.

Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build - Red Necklace Icicles turn to Snowball

Fatebound Items

While most of the players will build the Red Necklace with the “Multishot” + “Lock On” combo, I don’t think it’s the most efficient way to use this build.

Instead, I recommend going for Heavy Ordinance, so that your projectiles (Snowballs) last longer and that means more damage! Not only that, but you’ll also have an easier time landing the projectiles.

Also, if you’re playing on a not so high-end device, using Heavy Ordinance will allow you to experience less lags.

As for the other nodes, Lifesteal is for sustain, while Echocasting and Frigid Core will help you out further to dish out more damage with your frost staff!

Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build - Red Necklace Fatebound Nodes

Stormwarden Skill Tree & Item Build

As for the item/equipment, of course, only the Heart of Ice – Red Necklace is the only required piece.

For the weapon, you’ll want to use a Legendary Frost Staff! While for the other equipment, I recommend following the nodes I suggested above if you wish to get the results as mine!

Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build - Red Necklace Heart of Ice and Items

Again, you can also use the Stormblade and Elementalist classes, but I personally prefer the Stormwarden as it fits this build better – benefits more from sustain and staying in the middle of the battlefield.

Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build - Red Necklace Guide Stormwarden

How To Get Heart of Ice (Red Necklace)

Now that we have tackled how to properly make the Grand Ice Dance build, let’s now go through how to get the essential item in this build, the Heart of Ice – Red Necklace.

The Red Necklace is an exclusive item in which you can get by defeating Noel Rex, an elite boss. The drop rate of the necklace is not that high, so you may need a bit of luck on your side to obtain it as
Noel Rex is an event exclusive boss during the Wintertide Event.

Simply go to Everforst Peaks and you will find have 50% chance to meet Noel Rex and get a chance of obtaining exclusive loot such as the Heart of Ice – Red Necklace.

Soul Knight Prequel: Grand Ice Dance Build How To Get Heart of Ice (Red Necklace) Noel Rex

Want better loot? Join a co-op and fight Rex with your friends! This will make the map tougher, but it will also provide you with better loot and chances of obtaining the Red Necklace.

Also, if you’re looking for a better method on farming the Red Necklace, check out this trick on how to meet Noel Rex 100% of the time!

That’s it! Follow the steps above and you’ll be on your way to shatter your enemies to pieces using your Grand Ice Dance Build in Soul Knight Prequel!

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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