Sol’s RNG: How To Find Black Merchant Locations + Getting Dark Points

Just gotta get lucky, cause like everything here, it’s all RNG baby.

Sol’s RNG just got another huge update, which marks the beginning of yet another new era of the game. As always, a lot of new stuff was added in the latest patch, including two new merchants that people seem to have a hard time finding. In this guide, we will give you a few details to keep in mind as you try to find their locations.

How To Find Black & Travelling Merchants Locations + Getting Dark Points

As you may have read in the update notes shown at the main spawn area, the Black Jester and Mari the Travelling Merchant were both added to the game. They sell various limited and rare items, but finding them can be pretty hard.

my Sol's RNG character standing next to the update log

I won’t beat around the bush here, they basically spawn in random locations at a currently unknown interval. As of writing this, nobody actually knows if there are set spawn locations, especially since they can show up in any biome.

There is some evidence that the game randomly chooses between either Mari or the Jester before choosing a location to spawn the NPC in. This likely means that they cannot spawn at the same time.

Because of this, there is a chance that you just won’t find one or the other for an extended period of time in a single server. There is no way around this, and we don’t have too much information about how they show up at the moment.

The main theory right now is that when rolling for a chance to spawn a merchant, there is a 97% likelihood for it to be Mari, while the remaining 3% will be for the Jester.

Don’t let the clickbait spreading online fool you, literally nobody but the developers have any concrete details about possible locations. For example, some say that the Jester can only show up at night or in dark places, but the image below proves that he can just pop up out in the open at daytime.

Sol's RNG player approaching a Jester at day time

A Few Hints

Despite not having any information about their spawning frequency or locations, we do have confirmation that there are very obvious notifications that indicate whether Mari or the Jester have spawned in a server.

Basically, when Mari spawns, there will be a white beam of light highlighting her location for a brief moment. The Jester, on the other hand, supposedly plays a loud horn noise and a purple beam of light will briefly highlight his spot too.

The beam of light for either of the new merchant NPCs disappear after a few seconds, but it is visible throughout the entire map. This is especially true if you zoom out. You can’t miss it, because it extends up into the sky.

Sol's RNG zoomed out map with a light beam highlighted

What is the Difference Between Them?

Before we go into more details, you should know that both the Jester and Mari only stay in the map for a few minutes. On top of that, their stock is said to be global, which means that you will have to compete with other players to buy from their limited supply.

Jester – How to Get Dark Points

The Jester allows you to exchange biome items to get dark points, which are also used to buy some of the things that he sells. His offerings include various potions and runes. Most notably, he sells Heavenly Potions, which provide an insanely high luck boost for a single roll.

No, “dark points” are not locations, even though some people seem to be convinced that they are. It is merely a new form of currency exclusively used for the Jester (at least for now).

Selling stuff to him is supposedly the only way to get these points, so you better stock up on some biome items while waiting for the Jester to spawn while you’re online. Here is a list of his offerings and their prices:

  • Lucky Potion – 1 point
  • Speed Potion – 2 points
  • Strange Potion I – 15 points
  • Strange Potion II – 25 points
  • Rune of Wind – 50 points
  • Rune of Frost – 50 points
  • Rune of Rainstorm – 50 points
  • Rune of Hell – 300 points
  • Rune of Galaxy – 300 points
  • Rune of Corruption – 300 points
  • Heavenly Potion I – 500 points
  • Heavenly Potion II – 1000 points
  • Rune of Nothing – 650 points
  • Rune of Everything – 3000 points
  • Oblivion Potion – 5 Void Coins (can be bought from Mari)
Sol's RNG player speaking with the Jester NPC

Mari the Travelling Merchant

Mari, on the other hand, sells some slightly less impressive potions, but she also offers some handy miscellaneous items. Unlike the Jester, she sells stuff for regular cash, making her more accessible.

Her most notable offering is the Lucky Penny, which provides a 77% luck boost and a 7% roll speed bonus but has a 1% chance to be removed from your inventory every 10 minutes.

Some rumors state that she can also sell Solar Devices, but this is unconfirmed and likely not true. If you want to know what else she sells, we have a more detailed guide specifically for the Travelling Merchant (Mari).

Sol's RNG player speaking with the new Mari NPC

That is pretty much everything we know about the new Jester merchant at the moment, as well as how you can start racking up some dark points. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to PVP in Sol’s RNG as well, so you can enjoy some gameplay that doesn’t involve rolling a slot machine!


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