Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the New Pickaxe from Patch 12

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Sons Of The Forest Where To Find New Pickaxe

With new patches comes new stuff for you to find in a game. That’s the best part of early access games. That’s why with the new Patch of Sons of the Forest, the game has had a lot of additional stuff for the players to find and use. One of the items in the list of added ones is a new pickaxe and it can be a bit tricky to find this one. That’s because you’ll need to dive in deep through one of the caves in the game!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can find the new pickaxe in Sons of the Forest Patch 12. Now, get ready to get wet since this cave has a lot of water to go through!

Where to Find the New Pickaxe from Patch 12

Be warned that getting to this pickaxe can be quite tricky and you’ll need a couple of things to get it. It’s best to try and get this item when you’re already settled in and have the right tools. We’ll go through the tools you need in the guide. But first, we need a location!

Cave Location

To start, we’ll want to go to the eastern parts of the island. There, above the long river and the big lake is a cave. You can our neat little Interactive Sons of the Forest map for more information on the area.

Sons Of The Forest Pickaxe Map Location

The cave entrance looks like a hole on top of some rocks. Near the entrance is a rock with some rope tied around it, you’ll need to interact with that to go down there and get inside the cave.

The place can be quite dark so remember to bring something to light the cave up. In the following images, it’s a bit lighter due to console commands. This is so you can see the way better.

Sons Of The Forest Cave Entrance

Underwater Cave Diving

Go down and follow the cave until you reach a stream of flowing water. Follow the water until you see the area shown below.

You’ll need to dive down and go through; a rebreather is a must for this one. Check out our guide on the rebreather location if you haven’t already.

Sons Of The Forest Dive Down

This underwater section is pretty linear, so just follow the walls until you get to the surface again.

From there, jump out of the water and you’ll see this area barred with planks shown below. Ignore that and instead, go to the right, where you’ll need to slide down to another area with water.

Sons Of The Forest Barred Are In Cave

When you drop down the water area, dive down and follow the cave again. This cave is a bit trickier since there are turns that lead to a dead end.

Sons Of The Forest Diving Down Underwater Cave

When going through this underwater cave, you’ll encounter a rock that’s in the middle, take the left side of the rock.

Shortly after, another rock will be in the middle along with a skeleton, take the left side on that as well.

After that you’ll see a fork in the image below, this time go to the right.

Sons Of The Forest Take Right Side

This will lead you to another fork in the cave, again take the right as shown in the image below.

Sons Of The Forest Fork In Cave Take Right

Afterward, you’ll need to go up and surface again. Jump out of the water, and you’ll see a broken wooden fence. Go through it and onto another water cave. Dive down again and continue.

Luckily, the next underwater section is linear and once you get to the surface, you’ll see 3 dudes hanging around shown in the image below. Go take the left path once you get to this point.

Sons Of The Forest 3 Hanging Men

Obtaining The Pickaxe And Exiting The Caves

Stick to the left wall in the area until you see this place shown below. A small stepladder and a pickaxe jammed onto some rocks! There you have it, the pickaxe we’ve been looking for!

Now, get it and try it out on the rocks it was on, they’ll yield some Solafite Ore.

Sons Of The Forest Pickaxe Location

To exit the cave, you’ll need to continue hugging the left wall further into the area you’re in. You’ll soon get to a dead end with a hanging rope shown in the image below. Interact with the rope to go up.

Once you’re up, continue through the path and jump down to some water below. Don’t worry, it’s not an underwater cave system again.

Go out of the water, and you’ll see another dead end with a rope. This will lead you up and to an area you can squeeze in to get out.

Sons Of The Forest Exit Of Pickaxe Cave

That’s how you find the new pickaxe in Sons of the Forest. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself so you can get some ore!

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