Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Update Complete Guide | New Characters

Swords VS Lances!

From February 5, 2024, to 4:00 on February 25, the Spring Festival Event in Soul Knight Prequel will begin. This new event will introduce many new things to the players, including two new characters.

In this guide, I am going to explain everything that you should expect from the new Spring Festival update, which is looking intriguing and filled with new content so far!

2024 Spring Festival Update

In this new update, there will be a new map of the Eastern Continent. In this map, players will be able to explore a new story, 5 new levels, 6 new boss sets, more than 200 new pieces of equipment, new black evil enchantments, event rooms, War of Warlords Mode, and black evil level gameplay.

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival

Moreover, buying gold medals, which is battle pass, will unlock a new basic profession. The new profession is called Herbalist, which can be obtained with other professions into four new combined classes. The battle pass will also include new pets, items, and new costumes.

On top of that, from February 9th to February 16th, the New Year Animal Challenge event will begin.

Also, if you’re interested in taking a look at all the combined classes of the game so far, make sure to check out our dedicated article on all combined classes & how to get them!

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Leaks Images

New Characters

As we mentioned earlier in our article, there will be two new characters added to the game with this update. These two characters are named Sword Master and Lancer.

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival New Characters

Sword Master

The first of the two new characters, Sword Master, gives the game an alternate point of view. Sword Master is a female character with a unique skill set who will awe players with her clever and quick movements.

In order to unlock this character, you are going to need to use gems. You can use her special abilities after you unlock the character with these gems. Sword Master’s agility in charging at an enemy, slashing without being hit, and backing away unscathed will make her a dangerous opponent.

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Sword Master New Class

The passive skills of the Sword Master increase movement speed after using her powers, and she can create a sword light that pierces all obstacles by gathering five sword souls, which unlocks an outstanding ability.

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Sword Master gameplay


The second new character in the Spring Update is Lancer. Lancer offers a distinct set of abilities and skills, taking influence from some other Soul Knight Prequel characters.

With every cool skill these two characters will have, we expect them to have a high rank in the Best Classes Tier List for Soul Knight Prequel once they get released!

Unfortunately, Lancer is going to be a paid character, unlike the Sword Master. Therefore, players will need to pay for it to get this character on their teams.

Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Lancer New Class

The abilities of the Lancer include leaping at the enemy, slinging a dragon spear, and whirling the spear to accelerate the movement.

Lancer’s gameplay is made more strategic by his passive ability to deal more damage with each use of a skill.

The skills become more powerful with additional lightning and stun effects when the soul bar is fully charged.

Which Character You Should Choose?

Though each character has special abilities, it’s important to recognize the differences between them. Lancer offers a combination of flexibility and dynamic spear-based attacks, while Sword Master specializes in quick and accurate strikes.

Your preferred playstyle will determine which character is best for you.

As we said, it ultimately boils down to your playstyle, whether you like the smoothness of Sword Master’s swordplay or the powerful movements of Lancer. Thus, we recommend you try playing as both characters to see which suits your style of gaming better.

This concludes our Soul Knight Prequel: 2024 Spring Festival Update Complete Guide. We are very excited about all the new additions to the game, and we think that all players will enjoy the new features and characters. If you have any further questions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment below.

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