Soul Knight Prequel: All Xalmor Worldbane Boss Weapon

All about the new spirit fatebound.

Soul Knight Prequel: All Xalmor Worldbane Boss Weapon

New bosses in Soul Knight Prequel means new weapons, and we’re going to showcase all Xalmor Worldbane boss weapon here. These rare weapons come with guaranteed rare boss fatebounds, which is on top of the new Fatebounds (Season 1) we’ve got here. Now let’s talk about the new Xalmor Worldbane boss!

All Xalmor Worldbane Boss Weapon

All 4 of the weapons here are dropped by Xalmor Worldbane boss (not to be confused with Xalmor boss!) from the last area in Xandu. They all have unique fatebounds, which I’ll talk about below.


And here’s more on what fatebounds these weapons have:

All4 Xalmor Worldbane boss weapon icons.
  • Spirit of the Worldbane (3): Release [15/30] projectiles attack(s). 2m range. Inflict 200% Dark damage (based on Hybrid Attack Power).
    This works by charging the fatebound using normal attack up to 10 times. Once you do, you’ll release these projectiles attacks.
  • Strength Boost: Gives bonus [25&/50%] Strength stats.

SIDE NOTE: We have a guide which covers all the boss weapons in Soul Knight Prequel. Make sure to check it out as well!

Xalmor Worldbane Boss Weapon Types

There are 4 types of weapons from the Xalmor Worldbane boss: Sword and Shield, Dual-sword, Greatsword, and Staff:

  • Gnawing Despair (sword and shield): Charged attack releases spheres that rotates around you, dealing dark damage to nearby enemy. The longer the charge, the more spheres you summon.
  • Duality of Sin (dual-sword): Chareging buffs your normal attacks to hit faster and also cause a small black vortex.
  • The Worldsplitter (greatsword): Charging creates an AoE that deals Dark damage constantly, but immobilizes you. The longer you charge, the bigger the AoE.
  • Inexorable End (staff): The staff’s charging attack allows you to summon minions.
Xalmor Worldbane Boss Staff, Inexorable End, summoning.

This set is particularly popular among Druid mains because of the guaranteerd Strength Boost fatebound. The Spirit fatebound is also great as it adds to the summoner class with another strong summon.

That said, getting the full set can be absolute hell to do. That’s why we’ve got your back with this card farming guide (Season 1). Luck is definitely the main factor, still!

And that’s everything on all the Xalmor Worldbane boss weapon in Soul Knight Prequel! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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