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DNF Duel: Online Mode Explained | Everything You Need To Know

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DNF Duel will release on June 28 this year for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. The game will have an Online Mode that consists of Ranked Match, Ranking System, and Player Online Profile. Now, there’s a lot of confusion as to how the whole online system works in this game for some reason, so let’s go over the online mode with a fine-tooth comb!

Online Mode Explained | Everything You Need To Know – DNF Duel

The long-awaited release of DNF Duel will bring Online Mode. Here’s what you can expect from the Online Mode.

Open Beta DNF Duel Characters
  • Ranked Match

DNF Duel will have Ranked Match where players can battle other players online to compete for the Ranking System. The Ranked Match menu will also show your ranks and matches (win/loss percentage).

DNF Duel Ranked Match Lobby
  • Ranking System

Just like any other online action fighting game that has Ranked Match, DNF Duel too has a ranking system starting from Bronze. You will need to win 3 games of Ranked Match to level up your rank.

DNF Duel Ranking System
  • Player Profile

This will showcase your profile to other DNF Duel online players. You can customize your profile such as Title, Player Name, Main Character, and Avatar.

DNF Duel players can also view their Ranked Match history and Battle Records.

DNF Duel Profile Customization

Are you excited yet? We sure are!

Hope this explanation of DNF Duel Online Mode gets you excited to play and slay!

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