Soul Knight Prequel: Best Pyroknight Build Guide & End Game

Watch the world burn… if your phone can handle this class, that is.

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If you want to take on the mightiest foes in Soul Knight Prequel – like Elite Noel Rex, you’d want to equip yourself with the best builds in the game.

The Pyroknight Class is the combination of the Warrior & Pyromancer class – designed around dealing burn damage by spreading fire damage and Fire Ailment, while having enough survivability to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

If you’re looking forward to trying out or improving your Pyroknight in the game, I got you. In this guide, I’ll show you the best guide for the class, which is also perfectly built for end game!

Best Pyroknight Build Guide & End Game

Equipment/Item Set

First, let’s take a look at the best equipment that you can take on the Pyroknight Class. Basically, the equipment will be based around both Ember Dragon/Wyrm and Goblin High Priest legendary items.

In case you didn’t know how to craft them, you’ll have to repeatedly fight the mentioned bosses until you’re able to collect enough of their cards.

From there, you can craft them from the Blacksmith NPC.

Basically, the premise of this build is focused on Fire Damage. Here’s what how the equipment/item set goes:

  • Horn of the Ember Wyrm – This is mandatory; you’ll need the Burn Damage and Fatebound bonuses it provides.
  • Onstentatious Finery of the Ember Wyrm – You’ll need it to complete the Ember Wyrm & Flaming Core Fatebound.
    • It also provides decent defense stats and fire resistance.
  • Goblin Masque – You’ll need this one for its Goblin & Multishot Fatebound.
    • Moreover, you want it to provide a little bit of Burn Damage bonus.
  • Goblin Spellboots – Same reason from the Goblin Masque, you need the Fatebound bonuses.
  • Ring of the Ember Wyrm – Similar to the Armor gear, you’ll need the Fatebound bonuses.
    • It also provides decent spread among all defenses.
  • Goblin Necklace – Lastly, you’ll need this to complete the Fatebound bonuses mentioned before.
    • You’d also want it to give a little bit of Fire Damage bonus.
Soul Knight Prequel Pyroknight Build Equipment

Fatebound Items & Bonuses

Now, if you’ve completed the equipment/item set mentioned above, you’d end up with these Fatebound Items & Bonuses:

  • Spirit of the Goblin (3) – Basically, it restores Mana and HP, based on your INT and STR respectively, which you’ll have lots of considering you’re a Pyroknight class.
    • This will provide you lots of sustain for both resources which is insanely strong, even for solo runs. You have a good spread of damage and tankyness.
  • Spirit of the Ember Wyrm (3) – Aside from the good defense bonuses, the most important effect this Fatebound provides is the chance to trigger Fire Ailment (you get Fire DPS on yourself, which spreads to enemies around you).
    • This is also why you have lots of Fire Resistances, having that will let you abuse the Fire Ailment effect.
  • Mage Vestments (3) – Pretty straightforward, gives better cooldowns and mana regen (which is important since you’re a mage). You’ve got it from the many “mage” items on your equipment.
  • Multishot (3) – It lets your attacks spread onto 4 other targets (Yes, it works with your staff, amazingly, in fact). You’ve acquired it from the Goblin items in your equipment.
  • Flaming Core (3) – A mandatory Fatebound for any fire-based builds; provides bonus Fire Damage and resistance.
  • Onslaught (2) – There’s only two points for this Fatebound, but it’s also very important; it makes your DOT (basically, the burn damage and Fire Ailment your deal) tick faster.
Soul Knight Prequel Pyroknight Fatebound

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Fire Ailment effect is indeed a double-edged sword, while it can deal lots of damage to the mobs, you will also receive lots of damage.

To counter that, you have to make sure that you take the Enduring Flame Skill that heals you. Moreover, the Spirit of the Goblin Fatebound effect also helps a lot with this.

Your other options are between Lifesteal and Fatebound, boost your SRT (with a healing passive that scales up to 10% based on your strength), and fortify yourself with increased Fire Resistance and Damage Reduction.

Another thing is that you must get a good spread of stats, which should be something like this (lots of STR is required aside from INT, including the bonus from the items):

  • 328 STR
  • 113 DEX
  • 438 INT

Skill Set

Warrior Skills

  • Rhythm of War (2) – Attack Speed bonus (Passive).
  • Basic Training (3) – Base Stats bonus (Passive).
  • Aggression Aura (4) – The only active skill you get from this skill tree; Basically, you’re supposed to activate it right after starting the round (from your second skill page), and then you move to your “actual” skill page for combat.
    • Provides a bonus damage and movement speed buff for you and your allies.
Soul Knight Prequel Pyroknight Warrior Skill Set

Pyromancer Skills

  • Pyroclad (4) – Fire Damage & defensive bonus (Passive).
  • Basic Training (4) – Base Stats bonus (Passive).
  • Flame Thrower (4) – Deals AOE Fire damage (Active).
  • Fire Aura (4) – Should be used similar to the Aggression Aura mentioned above.
    • Provides a bonus fire damage buff for you and your allies.
  • Volcanic Rift (4) – Deals AOE Fire Damage for 4 seconds (Active).
  • (Forgot the other one, my apologies)
Soul Knight Prequel Pyroknight Pyromancer Skill Set

Pyroknight Skills

  • Scorching Breath (4) – Another source of Fire DPS (Active).
  • Enduring Flame (4) – It’s required in order to sustain the Fire Ailment – Also, it’s one of the best skills in the game. It heals you every time you get hit, like clockwork (Passive).
    • This way, when the Fire Ailment burns you, it’s like healing because the regen is more than the damage. And, the Fatebound pairs really well with Pyroknight in this setup.
  • Searing Colossus (4) – Deals damage and provides regeneration (Active).
Soul Knight Prequel Pyroknight Skill Set

And that’s everything you need to know about the Pyroknight, its build and skill sets in Soul Knight Prequel. Do you have a build you’d like to share as well? If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Up next, if you’re interested in checking out all classes in Soul Knight Prequel & their best builds, make sure to check out our dedicated complete guide for those as well!


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