Black Clover M: How To Beat Global Red Boss Guide (Which Character To Use)

Keep these characters in your party!

Black Clover M Global Red Boss

The guild bosses are stirring up the Global Servers right now in Black Clover M. Obviously, everyone’s struggling at the moment because they’re not making use of the correct character.

Each character of course comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, regardless of how cute they may be.

Needless to say, you’re going to want this character in order to have a fighting chance against the Global Red Boss. You’ll even get to a point where you can just easily farm it for kicks. Find out which character works best on the Red Boss with the guide below!

How To Beat Global Red Boss Guide

All you need in order to beat the Global Red Boss is Julius. Have him in your party and you’re golden. What you’ll need along with him is Lotus if you want to reduce the bosses’ speed.

For the rest of the team, you can have any attacker and a tank like Mars. You can even have Nebra to make use of his second skill.

Black Clover M Global Red Boss

Detailed Character Guide & Explanation

A good reason to take Mars into your party is because of the speed debuff Lotus gets from his ultimate.

That way, you can rely on him for doing combos, but aside from that you can replace him with anyone else.

Now on to Nebra. In order for Nebra to work, you’re going to need her skill page. At that point, her second skill can block the enemy from gaining buffs.

That’s due to Nebra’s ability where he gets increased mobility if he takes in at least 70% of damage.

Black Clover M Nebra

Another character you can use that doesn’t need a skill page is Catherine. Her second skill has a 60% chance of blocking the enemy from applying any buffs.

More importantly, her ultimate can also reduce mobility. This makes her the perfect character to bring for the Red Boss.  

Black Clover M Catherine

Now, back to Julius. When you use Julius, you want to always use the second skill. Doing so will get rid of the boss’ stamina faster.

And at that point, you pray that Catherine delivers by making her buff block ability connect.

Do that and the rest will just fall to doing as much damage as you can since you cannot extend the buff block. When it’s the boss’ turn, he should have half of his HP reduced.

Get all of that to fall into place and you’ll be able to defeat the boss on the third turn. That is of course if the gods will bless your crits!

Black Clover M Victory Screen

Defeating the boss will grant you a decent amount of useful resources from the Achievement Box. These will include Squad Raid Coins, Gear Upgrade Stones and pools of money.

That’s how you can beat the Global red Boss in Black Clover M. Try it out yourself and farm all of the rewards you can!

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