Soul Knight Prequel: Buff Amplification Guide

Take advantage of it while you still can!

There are a few unintended mechanics that you can take advantage of in Soul Knight Prequel. Among these is the ability to permanently keep some of the bonuses that you get from various sources. This method will require you to use the Druid class, so make sure you have the correct type of character before trying this out!

Buff Amplification Guide

For starters, you will need to grind for a 3-piece set of gear with the Buff Amplification fatebound node. This will maximize the duration of any buffs that you can get, allowing you to apply many more at once.

It will be even better if you can get a Helxar-Touched version of this fatebound, which stacks with the original 3-piece effect. Check out this guide on the Helxar Enhancement system for more information.

Now, with the Buff Amplification active (you can confirm by looking at the top right corner of the screen), you can start equipping other gear and activating various buffs. Statues and pet buffs work too.

Examples of buffs you can use are weapons that give you bonuses after a charged attack. Stuff like the Cowabunga Twin Axes and Dracolith Sword & Shield will work wonders.

Apply all of the desired buffs as fast as possible. Even though you have Buff Amplification on, you still need to ensure that all of them last long enough for the next step.

Soul Knight Prequel player casting buffs with charged weapon attacks

Snapshot Glitch

For the next step, you will need gear with a lot of minion power. If you don’t have any, take a look at our guide on the fastest way to get minion power first.

The main idea is to exploit a glitch called Snapshot, wherein we can gain bonus stats and retain a portion (around half) of our buff effects while in bear form.

After applying all of the desired buffs, whether it is from pets, statues, or other items, quickly switch to your minion power item and shift to bear form. Do this before any of the buffs run out.

Once you are in bear form, just switch back to your best combat gear to maximize your stats. With all of these steps done, you should have very overpowered stats until you switch back to human form or die.

Soul Knight Prequel druid casting bear form after using buffs

And that is pretty much how you can take advantage of the buff amplification effect in Soul Knight Prequel. Although this exploit might be patched eventually, you can take even further advantage of it by doubling your HP as druid too.


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