Soul Knight Prequel: Complete Helxar Guide & New Enhancement Explained

Take your gear to the next level!

Soul Knight Prequel has been going strong since its launch, providing all sorts of content for players to grind. With the new update on the horizon, players are excited for even more content that will transform how the game works. Season 1 is going to be adding a ton of new content and changes. 

One such update is the new Enhancement system that will come hand in hand with Helxar chests. Many players are wondering how this new system will work, so they can prepare themselves for the requirements. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. In this guide, we will provide you with a complete Helxar guide that explains the new enhancement system. Let’s dive in!

Complete Helxar Guide & New Enhancement Explained

To Enhance your gear, you will need to do the following:

  • Speak to the Madame Silvesper NPC – Helxar Infusion Master
  • Gather Helxar Materials – Ebony Shards and Helxarine
  • Purchase one of the five Enhancements

Enhancement Location & NPC

For the whole Enhancement process to begin, the first thing you need to do is visit Madame Silvesper. She is the NPC that will take care of all the Enhancements that you will need. She is known as the Helxar Infusion Master.

Here is where you can find the Helxar Infusion Master (Enhancement NPC) location:

  • Appears in Bing Chilling Villageafter completing Bulrush Marshes or Murkwood Dungeon
  • Lumen Enclave in the Eastern Continent of Xandu –  after you unlock the area and complete Shattered Spine Dungeon.
Talking to Madame Silvesper in Soul Knight Prequel.

Enhancement Material Requirements

To Enhance your gear, you will need to provide the Helxar Infusion Master with the right materials. Each type of Enhancement will have its own particular costs, based on two materials you need to gather. They are the following:

  • Ebony Shards
    • Required for Basic Infusion
  • Helxarine
    • Required for Advanced Infusion
    • Advanced Fusion is unlocked after you complete the Main Story
Ebony Shard in Soul Knight Prequel.

You can get both of these materials by grinding, and opening Helxar Chests. Helxar Chests can be bought from the Chest Merchant, and you will need two Chest Keys to be able to open them. Typically, you only need 1 Chest Key for other types of chests. Yet, another change as part of the new update! 

As part of Update 6, the game will also be adding 6 New Hidden Achievements you might want to check out.

Helxar Chest opening in Soul Knight Prequel.

Types of Enhancement

There are five types of Enhancements that you can get for your Gear. The first three types of Enhancements fall under the Basic Infusion Category. On the other hand, all five of them can fall under the Advanced Infusion Category.

Each enhancement revolves around enhancing a particular aspect of the gear. The enhancements are the following:

  • Modifier Enhancement
    • One existing modifier is enhanced (upgraded)
    • An additional modifier is added to the gear
  • Superior Modifier Enhancement
    • Two existing modifiers are enhanced, granting them Rank +1
    • An additional modifier is added
  • Fatebound Enhancement
    • An additional modifier is added
    • One random Fatebound is selected, and is replaced by a Helxar-Touched Fatebound
    • You can use the normal version of the Fatebound together with the Helxar-Touched version of that Fatebound
  • Malignancy Enhancement
    • The Equipment is completely transformed
    • The Enhancement levels are reset
    • A guaranteed Helcar-Touched Fatebound is added
    • All modifiers are at least third rank
    • Malignant gear cannot be Helxar infused again
  • Culmination Enhancement
    • An additional modifier is applied
    • All modifiers are upgraded to Rank 4
    • Base stats are all increased
    • Culminated gear cannot be Helxar infused again
Malignancy Enhancement in Soul Knight Prequel.

Enhancement Strategy

Starting off, if you want to get a Helxar Touched Fatebound, you will need to get your intended modifiers from the Blacksmith first. After that, you can apply the Enhancement that you are interested in.

Additionally, if you are interested in maxing your modifier, we recommend that you first get the Fatebound you want. Once you have it, then you can go for Advanced Infusion and choose the Culmination Enhancement. Culmination Enhancement upgrades all modifiers to Rank 4.

We recommend that you also apply a different strategy for your Weapons. Aim to increase the base stats of your Weapon, while prioritizing Fatebound Enhancement for other types of gears. It’ll allow you to make the most of what you have.

Culmination Enhancement in Soul Knight Prequel.

That’s everything you need to know about the new Enhancement System that uses new Helxar materials. As you can see, the system has quite a bit of depth as it can be used to modify all aspects of your Weapons and Gears. 

There are still some details that will only be discovered once the update drops in, and people go through the new Season. As part of Season 1, we have also prepared a Best Class Tier List, for some additional insights and guidance!


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