Soul Knight Prequel: How to Get Heart of Ice

Here is how you can get this holiday event item!

In Soul Knight Prequel, there is a wide range of gear and other items that you can collect in order to boost your character’s effectiveness.

Now, in the latest holiday-themed Wintertide event, the developers added the Heart of Ice, which is a necklace that gives various useful buffs and stats. So, in this brief guide, we will tell you how to get one!

How to Get Heart of Ice

First of all, before you hop in the game, if you are planning on playing multiplayer to group up with others and speed up the grinding process, you may need a VPN (any will do).

Otherwise, feel free to hop in solo and try your luck. Just make sure that you have a well-built character and can comfortably fight the boss on your own.

Once you are in, go over to Everfrost Peaks, which is a level 50 zone with a pretty tough boss. Again, going in solo is not recommended if you’re a novice, or if your build does not have sufficient DPS.

Soul Knight prequel everfrost peaks

Upon entering the dungeon, rush past all of the regular mobs in each stage until you reach the very last part of the instance.

There, you will face Elite Noel Rex, which is a level 52 boss with a lot of HP. It has a powerful healing ability, which is why you will need to have a ton of burst damage if you don’t have anyone helping you.

Soul Knight prequel boss fight

A Shinobi or an Assassin may have the necessary DPS to solo the boss with ease, while something like the Warliege might struggle quite a lot due to them placing more emphasis on survivability.

When it comes to getting the Heart of Ice, there really isn’t anything much to it other than simply beating the boss over and over again until it drops. It has a high rarity, so it may take many runs.

The necklace itself can have a variety of bonuses and fatebound nodes, which means you will probably be grinding for several copies until you get the ideal set for your build.

Soul Knight prequel heart of ice

And that is everything you need to know with regards to the Heart of Ice and how to get it in Soul Knight Prequel. Again, it is an incredibly rare drop and will require a ton of grinding, but the potential stats it gives are way too good to pass up!

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