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Roxy’s Weakness: Find Out How to Stop Roxy, Find Race kart & Find Robot Head – FNAF Security Breach

Is that a race kart? Or is that Roxy’s weakness?

Roxy Raceway

After upgrading Freddy’s parts, we need to get a Robot Head and face Roxy. How do you defeat this terrifying animatronic? This guide will show you how you can stop Roxy and defeat her for good. 

Find and Stop Roxy – FNAF Security Breach

After upgrading Freddy in the Parts and Services, hop into Freddy and go north. You will see a series of doors here, beside the save spot. On your left, there should be two sets of doors, with a red icon and a purple icon.

You need to go through the door with a purple icon representing Roxy. Keep following the hallway lined with purple paint until you reach an elevator. Use the elevator and hop back into Freddy. 

Inside Roxanne Wolf’s (Roxy) room

After exiting the elevator, turn left and use the door with black and yellow stripes on it. Next, go north and exit through the purple door

Keep heading north until you reach a green garage door that leads out to a long hallway. 

Turn left and keep going until you see another green garage door. You will see a recharge station and a save spot here. Hop into Freddy and follow the hallway until you get back out to the main stage

Roxy Raceway should be on your right. Climb up the escalator beside it until you reach Level 2 and enter the Sodaroni Garage Door

Follow the hallway inside and at the end of it, turn left into the Roxy Raceway door

Keep following the pathway until you see a pink and purple garage door to your right. This will lead you inside the Roxy Raceway. There is a save spot here as well.

How to Defeat Roxy

Once you are inside, turn right and go down the staircase. After going down, go left and enter the garage door with a Security Bot inside. Recharge Freddy in here and head to the information desk to the rightmost part of the area.

Go inside the information desk room and quickly collect the red bag on the floor. Go outside and head north, past the construction signs. When you reach the end of the hallway, you need to turn right, where you will find a race kart with a robot missing its head

From here go left and you will see a ramp going back to the recharge station from earlier. Recharge if you need to but keep heading north, past the series of garage doors and you will see a staircase going up. 

There is a red bag on the floor right next to the staircase. Next to the red bag is a series of wooden crates. Open the crate with the sign that says “Driver Assist”. 

After picking up a damaged Robot Head, you will complete Roxy’s Weakness mission. 

Now, if only we can repair this head, we’ll be able to race!

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