Soul Knight Prequel: How To Find Statue of Reforging All Classes

How to get the ever-elusive Statue of Reforging?

Soul Knight Prequel Statue of Reforging

Soul Knight Prequel is a pixelated Action RPG making waves across the gaming community. The game, which offers loot farming and treasure collecting, comes with a variety of side quests that grant great in-game perks.

One of these is the Statue of Reforging, which changes attributes and fatebound for free. Given this, I will show you how you can find the Statue of Reforging for all the classes in the game.

How To Find Statue of Reforging All Classes

To find the Statue of Reforging, patience and speed are needed. The reason why is because the Statue spawns randomly (RNG) and you’ll have to re-do runs until you come across one.


First, equip shoes and a shirt that will increase your speed. The Legendary Spellboots which grant +15% Movement Speed and +10% Movement Speed paired with the Sorcery M Legendary Armor will grant you in total +40% Movement Speed.

A fully charged staff can also increase your speed.

Craft a fruit-infused water bottle called Gale Juice and add Ecclesiastical Longboots M+6, Apprentice Robe G+9, and Buff Amplification to increase speed and extend its effect duration. 

Statue of Reforging Soul Knight Prequel

Map Run

Open the full map and do a map run. You will need to do this in about 20 seconds, so don’t bother fighting monsters on the way. 

Focus on finding the spots marked with an exclamation point on the map. If you are lucky you will come across the Statue of Reforging. This is because its spawning relies on RNG. 

This might take more than one try, so make sure you have all of this gear equipped to increase your chances of finding the Statue.

And that’s everything on how you find the Statue of Reforging for all classes in Soul Knight Prequel. This is definitely more luck-based than anything, but this guide should help your chances with the RNG a little better.

If you’re trying to get this statue to change your class, check out our classes and best build guide to help you build your reforged hero!

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