Soul Knight Prequel: New Ocean Lobby Features & Easter Eggs – Season 1

In one drop of water, are found all the secrets of all the oceans.

Soul Knight Prequel features all sorts of content that you can enjoy. Most of this content revolves around looting and grinding. In fact, Season 1 has just launched which has so much content that you might want to check out!

As the game progresses through Season 1, people are discovering all sorts of secrets, easter eggs and features in the game. In this guide, we will look at the latest ones that you can actually find in the Ocean Lobby. With that said, let’s dive in and discover what secrets the game has been holding from us.

New Ocean Lobby Features & Easter Eggs

The Ocean Lobby has been added in Season 1 as a place of relaxation. In case you didn’t know, it’s also filled with lots of fun references, features and witty easter eggs. Here are things we’ll be looking at when you come up to the area:

  • Unlocking the Ocean Lobby Decor, or Sea Breeze Vacation Decor.
  • Features that relate to the lore or main game
  • Easter Eggs that you can trigger through gameplay.

Unlocking the Ocean Lobby Decor

To actually be able to see these things, you’ll need to unlock the Ocean Lobby Decor. The Sea Breeze Vacation decor was actually available as part of the Seaside Rendezvous Event. This was released a few months ago.

You could get all sorts of Beach themed skins for the playable characters in the game. Previously, they were available only during the Event, with the event only currency. However, recently they have been available without the Event.

So, we recommend you get your hands on them as quickly as possible.

You can get the Ocean Lobby Decor by fulfilling the skins set. This means that once you get the Seaside Rendezvous skins, you’ll be able to load this lobby.

If you’re interested in secrets related to gameplay, but for the relative game, Soul Knight – you might want to check out the Hidden Mechanics of Lancer and Sword Master.

Lorenzo Seaside Rendezvous Skin in Soul Knight Prequel.

Ocean Lobby Secrets and Easter Eggs

Once you load into the Sea Breeze Vacation Decor, you’ll see an aesthetic that’ll make you want to go on vacation! At first glance, you’ll likely not notice the features. Starting off, we’ll be looking at the bottom left corner of the map.

First up, the bottom left corner of the Ocean Lobby

There are two features to note in this section. We have marked them in the picture below.

Jetski and Watermelon Sprite in Soul Knight Prequel.
  1. This jetski is very similar to the one used by the Assassin.
  2. The watermelon sprite shown here is the same one that is used by Monk Pigsy.

After that, there is another interesting feature hidden in the sand. It is in the bottom right corner of the map. It is the Baseball Bat Weapon that you’ll likely be familiar with if you’ve gone through the main game.

Up next, the top part of the Ocean Lobby

Next up, we’ll be looking at a whole assortment of interesting features towards the top of the Ocean Lobby. They are marked in the picture below.

Surfboards and Hidden Beetles in Soul Knight Prequel.
  1. Surfboards with designs that take inspiration from various locations from the previous iteration of the Soul Knight game. From left to right:
    1. This design is taken from the Xunder Fest Event
    2. This design is taken from Vigiles
    3. This design is taken from Aether Church.
  2. Buried Golden Beetle Mob 
  3. Buried Crystal Beetle Mob.

Following that, we have an interesting easter egg that is related to the Umbrella in the middle. If you shoot projectiles at this Umbrella, it will open up. However, if you go to and melee it from close up, no amount of punching it is going to open it.

Shooting Umbrella with Projectiles in Soul Knight Prequel.

Moving on, to the top right corner of the Ocean Lobby!

After that, we have the prominent Lighthouse in the top right corner of the map. However, it isn’t just there for show. You can actually enter inside and even go on top of the balcony. Going on to the balcony will provide you with a great view of the ocean above.

You can actually spot the Cyborg Pirate Ship casually passing from time to time if you look above. This is yet another throwback to the old Soul Knight game. By orienting your screen, so that you can see as much of the ocean above, you can see it quite clearly. Don’t worry, they won’t harm you!

Cyborg Pirate Ship Easter Egg in Soul Knight Prequel.

If you look closely on the map, you’ll see a cute little crab walking by from time to time. You can actually throw this crab. By pressing the exclamation mark that appears on the Weapon button, you can slowly throw him away, into the sea. If you do so, he won’t come back up.

Throwing crab into water in Soul Knight Prequel.

And of course, the left side of the Ocean Lobby!

Last, but not least, we have the most entertaining easter egg of the lot. Towards the left side of the map, you will notice a can that someone has thrown like trash. You can also interact with this can the same way you did the crab. However, the can will be a lot more difficult to direct than the crab was.

 With that said, there are two possible easter eggs that you can activate with this can.

The first one is where you throw the can into the ocean. When you do so, something very interesting will happen. A Guardian of the Ocean will appear from the water, and angrily curse you. He’ll also throw the can back into the land. Needless to say, littering is not allowed!

Guardian of the Ocean easter egg in Soul Knight Prequel.

However, the second possibility allows you to be a good samaritan. You can throw the can towards the garbage can, located towards the left of the Ocean Lobby. 

When the can lands inside, you’ll be given a thumbs up as affirmation. However, you won’t get any tangible reward. We still hope you did the right thing!

Garbage Can Easter Egg in Soul Knight Prequel.

Also, if you haven’t checked it yet, we have a guide for all the classes & their best builds in Soul Knight Prequel. It’s pretty awesome, make sure to skim through it a bit!

That’s everything you need to know about all the interesting features and easter eggs that you can find in the Ocean Lobby of Soul Knight Prequel. If you want to try out these easter eggs for yourself, go ahead.

Just make sure that you have the required skin set. When you’re done, you can go explore the added content with a new map – here’s how you can get to the Eastern Continent of Xandu.


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