Soul Knight Prequel: Nian Beast Necklace Guide & Showcase With Shoes

What is this new event drop capable of?

Soul Knight Prequel continues to deliver with its constant updates, and the recent New Year Event they just released came with a limited-time boss called Nian, the Yearbeast. There are a few incentives to farming this boss, including certain new rewards that you can exchange for or some incredibly rare drops. Here is a quick rundown of one such rare item!

Nian Beast Necklace Guide & Showcase With Shoes

Long story short, the Nian boss can drop a very rare red accessory called the Clement Tidings M. Its most notable feature is that it has the Fireball: Technochrome fatebound effect.

This fatebound effect drastically alters the Fireball ability by making it so that it shoots out fireworks instead. These can deal random forms of elemental damage (fire, cold, or shock) on impact.

Soul Knight Prequel fatebound list including the buffs from the two new red items

This can be combined with the new Fallen Starwalkers boots or shoes, which is another red item that you can get from the Goblin High Priest. This has afatebound effect that makes you a bouncing projectile whenever you cast Fireball.

Unfortunately, the combined effect of Fallen Starwalkers and Clement Tidings M’s fatebounds seems to be broken. Rather than making you a bouncing ball of fireworks, your character will just spin in place.

Whether or not this is intentional is unclear, but it is not really recommended to use them together right now. Regardless, the Technochrome fatebound seems to be okay at best, though not game changing.

Soul Knight Prequel clement tidings m + fallen starwalkers boots fireball in action

That is everything we know so far about the new red necklace that drops from the Nian boss in Soul Knight Prequel. If you are still exploring the new features of Season 1, consider checking out our Farstrider build guide!


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