What Happens If You DON’T WATCH The Bike – High on Life

Wait, where did it go?

Being a new bounty hunter, you don’t have a lot of people lining up to offer you a job. So you go out there to make a name for yourself, even doing some side quests. Like this little encounter on the street where you need to watch someone’s bike while they are doing something. All you have to do is sit still and watch the bike, and that’s it. Simple, right? Well what happens if you decide to take your eyes off the bike because something caught your eye? We’ll show you what happens in this guide.

High on Life- What Happens If You DON’T WATCH The Bike

The bike disappears and the guy is devastated

When you take your eyes off the bike for even a fraction of a second, just by simply pointing the camera away and quickly looking back, the bike will just instantly disappear. It’s not explained how, because even if you are literally standing right next to it, the bike still disappears.

The guy comes back and notices the bike is gone, and you can’t really explain to him that his bike just up and vanished in thin air, so you walk away. Then he starts yelling at you and calling you some really mean words. But can you blame him? You just lost his bike!

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