Soul Knight: Sword Master Guide – Update 6.0

Everything you need to know about the new Sword Master in Soul Knight!

Soul Knight is a mobile game all about crawling through dungeons and defeating all sorts of enemies and bosses using a variety of weapons and characters, each with their own special abilities.

The latest update to the game (as of writing) added quite a lot of new content, including new characters. In this quick guide, we’ll briefly go through what the new Sword Master character is capable of.

Sword Master Guide – Update 6.0

To start off, the Sword Master herself is available for free to play players, as she can be unlocked for only 12,000 gems.

Her starter weapon is a sword known as Breeze, which currently has two alternate skins called Zephyr and Sun ShangXiang.

Sword Master can be upgraded seven times, and each level will very slightly increase her stats. At max level, her starting weapon will also receive a buff.

Soul Knight sword master unlocked

Combat Capabilities

Like a gust of wind, her charged attacks breeze through enemies as it makes her shoot out a projectile that can pierce through countless targets and even walls.

The windup of this ability also includes two slashes, allowing you to defend yourself before firing. This makes her great at clearing rooms full of mobs while still keeping her distance, even though she is inherently a melee user.

Soul Knight sword master charged attack

Her active ability is called Tempest Blade. Upon activation, the sword master will dash forward and slash all targets before returning to her previous location.

While casting this ability, your character will be invulnerable, making it yet another great tool for clearing out crowds without risking your life.

When upgraded, the skill can have even more slashes. These bonuses are applied when you have 30 Sword Intent, which is the cyan bar under your mana bar.

Upgrading this ability will also grant you the passive buff wherein its cooldown is reduced by 1 second every time you land three or more hits with it.

Soul Knight sword master ability

The sword master’s passive ability grants her a bit of Sword Intent and 20% bonus movement speed for a couple of seconds every time she activates Tempest Blade.

Soul Knight passive ability for sword master

Closing Tips

When it comes to playing the Sword Master, you should take full advantage of the fact that your charged attacks can go through cover.

This can easily trivialize certain fights, since you can essentially just camp behind a wall and continue to deal damage to enemies behind it.

Soul Knight boss fight

Also, once you get used to the invulnerability window that Tempest Blade gives you, this ability can be used to pull off some very clutch last second dodges while also dealing damage at the same time.

During boss fights, this can help you avoid deadly projectiles or area of effect attacks without affecting your damage output.

For more in-depth information on the Sword Master’s mechanics, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that as well.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know about the Sword Master in Soul Knight. She is a fairly strong character, so if you have the gems to get her, you should totally go for it!

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