Soul Knight: Update 6.0 Complete Guide (New Boss, Weapons, & More)

What is included with the latest update of Soul Knight?

Update 6.0 in Soul Knight Gameplay image.

Not to be confused with its equally popular ‘prequel‘, Soul Knight has recently released an update that introduces various new features to spice things up.

In this article, we will quickly be going through each of the new additions, which include some weapons, bosses, characters, and even a game mode.

Update 6.0 Complete Guide (New Boss, Weapons, & More)

First of all, the most significant addition with the latest update is the seasonal game mode called Three Kingdoms – Gunfight.

It is a fairly extensive optional game mode, but the gist of it is that you have to defeat enemies and capture strongholds until you can face the floor’s boss.

After that, you can proceed to the next floor and continue gathering new items and powerups before ultimately facing Dong Zhuo, who has multiple phases and various mechanics that you need to consider.

Soul Knight dong zhuo

In this game mode, your mana is replaced with bullets, and you will automatically reload after using them all up.

You get stronger by collecting or buying new weapons and mixing and matching attachments for wildly varying attack types. You are also given mounts to move around much faster.

Soul Knight boss fight

There are many rewards to earn from completing both daily and seasonal missions, and the final prize is a skin for the Alchemist.

The seasonal coins you earn throughout the event can be used to unlock various Guards and Mounts. If you get dupes for fully upgraded items, you will receive Starfire instead.

Soul Knight season shop pulls

New Bosses

There are a total of three new bosses with this update. The first one of these is Mutant Nian, which has a special mechanic wherein bullets will constantly spin around it.

It will also occasionally throw sticks of firecrackers on the ground, even while shooting massive amounts of bullets across the screen.

Defeating it will give you a new seed and skin fragments. The buff it gives is not particularly great, as it merely drops firecrackers at random places whenever you cast a skill.

Soul Knight mutant nian

The next two new bosses can be found on the fourth floor of the Boss Rush mode. The first one is Captain Hulala Morley.

The premise of this boss if fairly simple. Basically, he has three different mounts that each have unique attacks, and he will switch to the next one whenever his health reaches a certain threshold.

Soul Knight captain hulala morley

Finally, the Golem Mist Dragon is the next new boss that you can face. While fighting it, you have to mount the turret in the middle of the arena and aim at the giant dragon flying around.

Once its health reaches the 50% mark, the rider will jump down and fight you themselves. Just try to keep your distance and you should be fine.

Soul Knight golem mist dragon boss

New Weapons & Characters

The update introduced the Sword Master and the Lancer, which are both melee-centric characters that can dash all around the battlefield. Funnily enough, the same characters will be coming to the prequel as well!

Two new weapons are also confirmed to be added with the update, and they are taken straight from the Soul Knight Prequel game.

These weapons are the following:

  • Warlock’s Staff – Much weaker than its prequel counterpart. Charging it up releases a thunderstorm that will follow nearby enemies.
  • Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon – Charges faster than its prequel counterpart, but this will only release a maximum of three projectiles.
Soul Knight lancer

And those are all of the new additions with this fairly significant Update 6 for Soul Knight. The developers seem to be introducing more stuff taken directly from the prequel version of the game, so expect some more crossovers between the two in the near future.

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