Spider-Man 2: Destroy the Corrupted Atoms Guide

Why is a superhero supposed to do chemistry?

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There are some interesting situations that you will find yourself in when playing Spider-Man 2. At times, you will find yourself engaging in some interesting minigames that are quite different from the crime fighting you are used to. One of these includes the puzzles where you need to destroy Corrupted Atoms.

In this way, you are able to isolate the final stable compound with this minigame. However, this minigame can be a bit confusing, especially considering you are suddenly taken out of the normal gameplay loop. So, in this guide, we will show you exactly how to Destroy the Corrupted Atoms. So put on some safety goggles (or Spidey Mask) and let’s do some chemistry!

Destroy the Corrupted Atoms Guide

The Destroy the Corrupted Atoms objective will start with a minigame where you will be introduced to three compounds which will have a combination of:

  • Corrupted Atoms
  • Neutral Atoms
  • Stable Atoms

You will need to destroy the corrupted atoms on all of them without destroying the stable atoms. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue with your investigation for the Make Your Own Choices questline.

The method for destroying the Corrupted Atoms is understanding a fundamental rule:

  • Whenever you destroy an atom, you also destroy its neighboring atoms.
  • The neighboring atom will also be destroyed if it is not connected to another atom on the central structure.

You need to use this rule to destroy all corrupted atoms besides the stable ones. You can destroy Orange neutral ones, although this is not necessary. Now, let’s see which atoms you need to destroy exactly to succeed in this Objective.

Corrupted Atoms Puzzle rule in Spider-Man 2.

First Compound

The first Compound will have three branches of corrupted atoms on either side of it. The initial thought would be to just Destroy the Red Atoms that are the first ones in each branch. However, this will destroy the one next to it which is a green one.

Instead, destroy the Corrupted Atom for the leftmost branch as shown below.

Red Atom for first Compound indicated in Spider-Man 2.

For the rightmost branch, you can destroy any of the two Red Atoms in the same Symmetry.

Two Red Atoms for first Compound indicated in Spider-Man 2.

This will ensure that the Green Atoms are safe and the Red Ones are all removed. Doing so will reveal the final compound to be Titanium.

Titanium Compound in Spider-Man 2.

Second Compound

The Second Compound is slightly more complicated. This is because there are more branches of Corrupted Atoms alongside the introduction of Neutral Atoms. You can destroy these Neutral Atoms without the risk of the puzzle falling apart.

To Destroy all the Corrupted Atoms, you need to first Destroy one Orange Atom in the two branches that have two Orange atoms. This is shown below.

Destroying two Orange Atoms in Spider-Man 2.

For the rightmost branch, you will need to destroy the Red Atom as shown below.

Destroying one Orange Atom in Spider-Man 2.

This will allow you to isolate the compound, which turns out to be Cobalt.

Cobalt in Spider-Man 2.

Third Compound

The third, and final Compound, is the hardest one. This is because not only do you have multiple branches, but also the fact that the structure is 3D. So, it can be a bit trippy but once you get the hang of it, it is not that difficult.

Turn your attention to the branch with two Red Atoms. You will need to destroy one of the two Orange atoms indicated below.

Destroying two Orange Atoms for third compound in Spider-Man 2.

Now, we will deal with the branch with 4 Orange atoms. Destroy any of the following atoms to remove the Corrupted atoms and clear this branch.

Destroying Orange Atoms for third compound in Spider-Man 2.

The final branch can be destroyed by targeting the middle Red Atom as shown below.

Destroying red atom for third compound in Spider-Man 2.

Doing so will leave the final Stable Compound. Processing it will reveal it to be Tungsten. After that, you can track the footsteps and continue with the Investigation for the quest.

Tungsten in Spider-Man 2.

That’s everything you need to know about Destroying the Corrupted Atoms in Spider-Man 2. It can be quite an annoying puzzle, especially since as Spider-Man you would rather be crime fighting than playing around with atoms. However, once you figure out the rule, you can solve this puzzle pretty easily!

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