Spirit City: All Spirits Location And How To Find Them

Where to find the full party.

Spirit City: All Spirits Location And How To Find Them

The aesthetic music game, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions, serves as a relaxing companion to your studies or downtime with Spirits you’ve found in specific location for each of them. With a total of 15 Spirits in the game and tons of color variations, Spirit City just scratches perfect collector in us while enjoying the vibe. We’ll show you where to find them all and how many variations you can have for each!

All Spirits Location & How To Find Them

There’s a total of 15 Spirits you can find in the game, each can be found by doing specific activity in specific locations. Some of them are also only available during specific time range. If you still want to find them yourselves, make sure to check the hint under each Spirit’s index.

So without further ado, let’s go!

Lenny (Automatically unlocked)

Lenny is the first spirit that you unlock in the Spiritdex. Go to the Spirit Companion tab in the Wardrobe to change their appearance. Some skins need to be bought using in-game currency that you can get from doing activities!

Lenny spirit wardrobe.


Hint: My desk has felt strangely clean lately, I may even be missing some supplies.

Goopii is one of the easy Spirits to find where all you need to do is switch over your activity to the Desk. There can be 7 different variations of Goopii in the game, including strawberry, pudding, and cotton candy themes!

Goopii spirit location.

Dust Bunny

Hint: I’ve heard strange noises under my bed at night, I wonder what it could be.

Switching the time to Night and moving to the Bed will reveal the Dust Bunny spirit. This adorable, black-eyed Spirit comes in 5 different colors that you can exchange for 250 Credits each at the Wardrobe.

Dust Bunny spirit location.


Hint: The past few mornings I’ve been awoken by a curious chirping noise.

The sun-toned Earlybirb can be found in the early Morning with the Birds Singing background noise. You can do this at the Baywindow seat or on the bed! You can find 5 other variations unlockable for the Earlybirb.

Earlybirb spirit location.


Hint: This spirit only seems to live in hot, really hot places.

The Hedgelog is a cute, lil’ firey Spirit you can find at–you guessed it–the fireplace! To find him, you have to move to the Fireplace and then turn on the Cozy Fireplace background noise.

The Hedgelog can have 3 other unlockable variations aside from the original color.

Hedgelog spirit location.


Hint: Whenever I’m reading, I’ve felt the presence of something over my shoulder.

The best companion for every nerd! This Spirit is a reader and yes, Reading is the activity that’ll let you find Chapterpillar. Do this near the Baywindow to summon the little guy. He also has 5 other variations to unlock in the Wardrobe.

Chapterpillar spirit location.


Hint: As the light gets low, I seem to keep stepping on bits of loose knitting yarn scattered about.

Don’t be scared! This spidey-looking creature actually has an obsession of knitting its preys sweaters before letting them go. Find the Archknit dropping down for you by doing Knitting on either the Fireplace or Baywindow.

You can also have a purple, pink, or rainbow-themed Arachknit in the Wardrobe!

Arachknit spirit location.


Hint: On windy nights it almost sounds like something is howling at the moon.

Who’s a good boy? The Moonpaw is the best friend you can find hiding in the darkness of the Night with the sound of Soothing Wind carressing you. Moonpaw comes in pale pink, black-and-orange, brown, and white-and-orange colors.

Moonpaw spirit location.


Hint: I heard an old tale of a teary-eyed spirit… “When the sky weeps and stars come out to play, you might find them swimming amidst the droplets.”

Hanging out at the Baywindow at Night, the drizzling Smooth Rain in the background creates such a beautiful atmosphere. Drizzlefin will appear from floating beyond the window asking to be let in. You can also change Drizzlefin into 5 other colors!

Drizzlefin spirit location.


Hint: This hungry spirit can be lured out by the sound of cooking around lunchtime.

Trashnukis are shapeshifters that can be very elusive as they pretend to be your trashbins! You can lure them out using the sound of Tasty Sizzling of your lunch cooking in the Afternoon.

You can also change Trashnuki into 5 other colors, including a Red Panda theme!

Trashnuki spirit location.


Hint: Rumours abound of a spirit that welcomes the day with a cup of tea by the fire.

A cup of tea in the Morning by the Fireplace signifies a perfect welcome for the day. That’s how the Kettlebrew is summoned, knowing it’s beloved by the owner. And you can even have the Kettlebrew turn into 4 other colors!

Kettlebrew spirit location.


Hint: There’s an enchanting song coming from the forest as the sun sets.

The majestic Sunquill as the hint described, appears during the Evening hinted by the sound of the Night Forest. Sunquill comes in 5 other vibrant colors including pink, blue, and dark red.

Sunquill spirit location.


Hint: During lightning storms, I’ve noticed the lights flicker in strange patterns.

The Rumbling Thunders attracts Bulbee, one of the easiest spirits to lure out as you can find it anywhere in the house. It has 5 other colors!

Bulbee spirit location.


Hint: This spirit haunts those who spend too much time procrastinating in bed.

The one spirit that we all would’ve find if it exists in real life. Vootodoo is a spirit whose location is on the Bed in Spirit City, called by your desire to procrastinate by Browsing on the phone. Find 4 other colors of Vootodoo in the Wardrobe.

Vootodoo spirit location.


Hint: I heard of a spirit can help me overcome my writer’s block.

You can guess easy that this Spirit is related to Writing. And that’s right! Find this spirit popping up when you’re writing on either the Fireplace or the Desk. You can change Inskter to pink, green, or rainbow!

Inkster spirit location.

And that’s how you can find all the Spirits in Spirit City: Lofi Sessions and the location for each of them. Up next, why not check out our guide on how to get all 24 achievements in Spirit City?


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