SR+ Kakashi Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Upgrade him to his next form!

Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD) has various unique features that you typically won’t find in most tower defense games on Roblox. Among them is the Evolution system, which lets you upgrade certain units in order to make them more viable for harder content. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the upgraded version of Kakashi.

SR+ Kakashi Guide

In Anime World Tower Defense, Kakashi is known as Takashi. His evolved SR+ form has a Leader Skill that gives his entire team (if they are under the Master Technique category) +80% damage and slightly faster attack speed.

On that note, his categories are the following:

  • Ninja Warrior
  • Master Technique
  • Chakra Master
  • Genius
  • Savior of the Earth
  • Lightning Flash
  • Mystic Force Eyes
  • Honor and Integrity
  • Team Force
  • Hero

On that note, he can be used as a back up unit under the leadership of UR+ Neji (Mystic Force Eyes leader), which is another new unit in this update!

Anime World Tower Defense Kakashi stats with his leader skill displayed as well

He gains the Decay effect right off the bat, which allows him to deal a ton of extra damage against enemies at a certain health threshold.

At higher levels, this shifts into Paralysis II, which is useful in its own way but will not deal as much damage as his earlier upgrades.

Another thing to note is that after three upgrades, he turns into a Hill unit. This means that he can also be used to attack flying mobs, making him a decent all-around unit to have.

Anime World Tower Defense Kakashi unit with mid-level upgrades before paralysis 2 version

Common Strategy

SR+ Kakashi is a great unit for early waves and even as a way to get rid of any stragglers that get past your stronger towers. Take advantage of his Decay effect by mixing it with fully-upgraded units.

Basically, keep at least one or two of these units at the highest level they can be without switching over to Paralysis II. This will maximize your damage with him while still keeping some on Paralysis II.

At the fourth upgrade, his attack also changes into an area of effect kunai attack. This makes this unit particularly good at clearing out mobs, especially when at the far end of your defensive setup.

Anime World Tower Defense Kakashi towers set up around buff providers

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the new evolved version of Kakashi in Anime World Tower Defense. Check out our guide on UR+ Snake Assistant as well, as he is one of the new units of the latest update!


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