Star Ocean The Second Story R: How to Unlock Secret Killer Move Super Holograph

How do you get Precis’ Super Holograph special art?

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, certain characters can unlock special moves through the completion of certain, rather complicated requirements, or by simply looting them from places hidden in plain sight. Among these is the secret Super Holograph special art that Precis can learn after you meet certain prerequisites. Here’s how to get it!

How to Unlock Secret Killer Move Super Holograph

First of all, you will need to have at least level 3 friendship between both Ashton and Precis. In order to get this up, go to the IC/Specialty menu.

From here, switch over to the Super Specialty menu and scroll down and select Publication. Have Precis write books such as “A Girl’s Secrets”. This process will require one Fountain Pen for each attempt.

Star Ocean publication

After you’re done crafting books, go to the Other tab of your inventory and search for the books you just crafted. Then, use them on Ashton to raise their friendship level.

Star Ocean crafting

Make sure that Ashton knows the Sword Dance special art as well, as this is another requirement for the unlocking process.

Next, you must travel to Fun City and activate Private Action mode. Once you do that, make your way to the Fun City Arena, where you will run into both Ashton and Precis.

Following a short cutscene, you will get a popup notification letting you know that Precis has now learned the secret move known as Super Holograph.

Star Ocean cutscene

The move itself costs 20 MP to cast, and it deals damage in an area in front of the caster. It’s a rather amusing special art that deals a decent amount of damage, especially once upgraded.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Super Holograph secret special art that you can unlock for Precis. It’s something that requires quite a few easily missable steps to get, but it’s absolutely worth it if you love using this character in your party!

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