How to Get Bloody Armor in Star Ocean The Second Story R

It may seem disadvantageous, but it’s actually really good!

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are a ton of items for players to discover and craft. The Bloody Armor is one of these items, but you may not know how to craft it right off the bat as the process isn’t very straightforward. Having said that, here’s a quick guide on how to get it, as well as what it does and how useful it actually it.

How to Get Bloody Armor

First of all, if you prefer trying your luck instead of just crafting it yourself, you can actually get the armor from certain common enemies just outside of The Centropolis of Nede.

Star Ocean combat

A better way to guarantee getting it, however, is by crafting it instead. For this, you will first need to unlock the Blacksmith super specialty, which requires two characters to have Customization at Level 4 and one person with Alchemy Level 1.

Once these prerequisites have been met, you can now head over to the Blacksmith menu and pick the Normal menu. From here, scroll down to Damascus.

Star Ocean super specialty

In order to craft this, you will need both Damascus and Smith’s Hammers, which you can easily purchase from stores all around the world.

You will need Blacksmith level 5 to actually craft it, and you can achieve this by upgrading the party’s Customization. A higher level will also result in a better success rate.

Star Ocean blacksmith

There are 3 other items that can result from crafting Damascus, so you may not immediately get the Bloody Armor, though it is highly unlikely that a full stack of this material won’t give you at least one.

Getting more Damascus is also relatively easy, you just need a character who has the Blessing of Mana talent and at least Level 7 Alchemy. The only resource needed for this process is iron, which is incredibly easy to stock up on.

Star Ocean alchemy

The Bloody Armor itself will drain the wearer’s HP over time, but they will be invincible until it is fully depleted.

This may sound a bit silly at first, but later on, there are ways to ensure that your HP stays up while wearing it, essentially making your character permanently invulnerable.

Star Ocean combat 2

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about the Bloody Armor and how to get it. It is an incredibly powerful piece of armor with an equally devastating drawback, but with the right build, it can be one of the best items in the game!

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