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Become a pro with this tips and tricks for Star Ocean: Divine Force.

Star Ocean Tips For Beginners That The Game Doesn’t Tell You Divine Force

Star Ocean is an old JRPG franchise that has been around for quite some time now. Back then, it used to be a contender against Square Enix’s JRPG franchise, Final Fantasy (yes, Square Enix is the publisher for both of these franchises). But sometime along the way, Star Ocean faded into obscurity while Final Fantasy remained in the spotlight. However, there are still fans of Star Ocean that play whatever games that are released. With the recent release of Divine Force, we present to you a guide for tips that the game doesn’t tell you.

Tips For Beginners That The Game Doesn’t Tell You – Star Ocean Divine Force

  • You might be wondering where your quest log is. Don’t worry, it’s actually normal to be confused as to where it is. You need to open your full map first and press Triangle (or Y on Xbox) in order to open your quest log.
  • Make sure to check for unique errands in item stores. This mechanic is similar to Star Ocean 4, where you can submit certain loot for more loot. You have to press R2 (or RT on Xbox) on the shop menu in order to pull up the errand’s menu. Doing this is worth the effort as it adds some new stock and items.
  • If you are sick of seeing damage numbers on screen, you can actually toggle the option to display only your outgoing damage. Your teammates will no longer show damage numbers, so you only have to worry about your own.
  • Divine Force offers remappable controls. If you are uncomfortable with some of the placement of the buttons, you can go to your options and make some changes to the way you want it to be. This is a great accessibility option that allows you to enjoy the game even more.
  • Utilize shortcuts, especially in combat. This saves time when doing certain actions. It’s much more helpful in combat as you can do complicated combos just by pressing Square (or X on Xbox).
  • Items are also bindable to chain combos as well. This is also how you can unlock active skills.
  • Just like in Legend of Zelda, you can go around breaking pots and jars in towns. There are some useful items you can get, even accessories.
  • When you get new DUMA skills, you have to equip them. They are not automatically usable. You can use one field skill and three combat skills.
  • Be sure to use skills that are chargeable. They can do a lot more damage than the regular version.
  • If you are trying to reach a certain area, jumping before using the gliding ability allows you to get some extra height for gliding.
  • When in battle, using an item will stop your character from whatever they are doing. It completely kills the momentum sometimes. When you do have to use an item, it’s better to switch to another character while your previous character finishes using the item.
  • If the camera placement feels weird, that’s because it is. You can barely see much of what’s in front of the camera. Thankfully, you can change the field of view to get a better view of your surroundings.
  • Money is actually used a lot in this game. Thankfully, Albaird has a passive skill that increases the FOL that you can acquire as you play. We recommend getting this as early as possible, and to put some points into this skill to increase the effectiveness of the skill.
  • When playing through the main story, it is actually recommended to not use the fast travel system. That is because there are some important story bits that deal with character development when traveling on the road. If you fast travel, the game completely skips these story bits.

Big thanks to Reddit user Evanz111 for the helpful tips and tricks to play Star Ocean The Divine Force. These are very helpful, especially the story tip, when playing. If you want to read more, you can view the Reddit post here: Tips and stuff the game doesn’t tell you in Star Ocean: The Divine Force!

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