Starfield: How To Quickly Switch Between Weapons & Heal

Quick switch between weapons and items.

Starfield weapon switching and quick healing may be confusing, in fact, most players aren’t even aware that there’s a quick switch system implemented in the game. All you have to do to switch between weapons or heal without opening the HUD is:

  1. Open the main character screen by clicking Tab (on PC).
  2. Then, go to your weapons, and click “Favorite” for each of the weapons you want to have in your quick-switch menu. You can do so by pressing B (on PC).
  3. After that, just assign a weapon to an available slot. You can repeat the same process for healing items as well.
  4. Finally, to use this “quick-switch” menu, whenever you need to switch between weapons or heal, just hit Q (on PC) to open the menu and press the assigned keybind to the item you want to use.


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