Starfield: Proceed to Generdynes Power Core in Absolute Power Mission Guide

Absolute power!

Starfield has been arguably the most anticipated game awaiting its release for the past two years. The game represents the first project that Bethesda undertook after being acquired by Microsoft. Expectations were high for this game, and the developers did not disappoint.

One of the missions in the game is called Absolute Power, and it contains a part where you need to infiltrate the Generdyne facility. The goal of the infiltration is to recover some important data from the power core. This guide will focus on a stealthy approach to complete this mission.

Proceed to Generdynes Power Core

Starting Area

The objective should be active once you infiltrate Generdyne through the storage entrance. From here onwards, try to make sure that your character is crouched at all times to avoid detection.

Go to the right from the entrance and interact with the vent.

Initial vent entrance

Head inside the vent and drop down into it through the hatch on the right. Follow the path ahead and interact with the door at the end.

From here, you will need to go to the other end, and there should be a staircase around the corner.

Left path

Go up the stairs and go through the door on the right. From here, head into the left passageway, as shown in the image above.

There will be a staircase going downwards with a Robot Sentry at the bottom. Wait for the sentry to leave and then go into the hatch, as shown in the image below.

Robot sentry and hatch

Follow the path in the vent and open the hatch at the end. Jump up through the hatch, and you should see the entrance to the Conduit Control Room.

Head inside this room and wrap around the corner to the left in order to avoid the guards.

Conduit Control Room

Conduit Control Room

There should be an exit to the left. After taking it, follow the path down the hallway, and you should reach a set of stairs that goes downwards.

After going down the stairs, keep going straight, and you should reach a door around the corner.

Door at end

Once you interact with the door, you should emerge into another large room. There will be a guard here as shown in the image below.

Wait until the guard walks away, and then go to the left side of the room behind the giant panels.

Hiding from guard

There should be another vent entrance behind the panels. Interact with the vent to open it and head inside.

Follow the path inside the vent until you reach the end. There will be another guard leaning against the exit, so wait for him to leave.

Guard at exit

Once the guard leaves, head outside from the vents and go to the next vent entrance, which should be towards the left side of the room.

Follow the path inside this vent, and you should reach the exit from where you can drop down.

Going left

After jumping down, go into the first opening that you see as shown in the image above. Follow where the path takes you until you emerge into a giant room that is full of cables.

Walk along the edge and into the entrance that has Power Storage above it as shown in the image below.

Power Storage

At the end of the hallway, there should be an elevator that can take you to the lower level of the Conductin Grid. Go inside the elevator and interact with it to head down.

Using elevator

Obtaining Conduction Grid Data

After using the elevator, you should reach the bottom floor of the facility where the data is.

After exiting the elevator, follow the waypoint, and you should reach the Power Core Computer, which contains the data that you require.

Simply interact with the computer and read the files to complete this objective, after which you can proceed to the final objective of the mission.

Power Core Computer

Locating Breyson Bayu

The final part of the infiltration will involve you locating Generdyne’s CTO, Breyson Bayu.

From the Power Core Computer, head straight ahead, and you should reach a staircase. Go up the stairs and interact with the door shown in the image below to proceed forward.

Door at end of path

Before going through the door, we recommend that you leave any companions who might be accompanying you to stay at this point.

Simply interact with your companion and ask them to wait. Once this is done, go through the door and follow the path to the end until you spot a vent entrance.

Vent entrance

Take the first left from the entrance and follow the path. Eventually, you should spot the exit to the vent.

From the exit, you should see the sign for the Research Director’s Office, where you need to go. However, be very careful since there will be multiple guards and technicians in this area.

Research Director's Office

Enter the vent that should go to the left of the office. Take the first right inside the vent and go up.

After leaving the vent, you should see the CTO office in front of you as shown in the image below. Head inside the office and talk to Breyson Bayu to finish the mission.

CTO office

We hope that this guide to infiltrating the Generdyne facility in Starfield was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for future content.

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