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Let’s see if it’s worth doing this event!

Summoners War Chronicles Bingo Event

We all love events that give us free stuff in video games and in Summoners War Chronicles they have a new one. Recently they’ve released the Lucky Bingo event which gets you some freebies if you play the little bingo mini game. To play that though you’ll need to do some Essence Dungeon and is it really worth it?

We’ll show you the math on how the event runs and what are the possible rewards you can get. We’ll also see if it’s profitable to do the event and clear the bingo tables the event gives us.

Bingo Event Math

The Bingo Event in Summoners War Chronicles is an event that lets you get 4-leaf Clovers when you do Essence Dungeons. These clovers can then be used to play the Bingo minigame that gives you a few rewards. These rewards can vary from Gold to Breath of Life and even Crystals.

The thing is you’ll need to use Essence Dungeon tickets which in itself is something you farm. Is it worth using these tickets for the event?

Summoners War Chronicles Bingo Event Math
Source: The Chronicles Farmer – YouTube

The Youtuber The Chronicles Farmer has made a great infografic shown above that shows what you get for clearing the full table of Lucky Bingo. Not only that but it also shows the average rewards you get per 1 dungeon clear if you full clear it.

In total you get 80k Gold, 240 Breath of Life, 800 Crystals and 160 Runes. The main thing that we want to get from the event are Crystals and you can profit around 15 to 20 crystals profit. Not only that but the global servers also have the Lollipop Event that you can do alongside this one for more profit.

So the Lucky Bingo event in Summoners War Chronicles is actually profitable especially when you do the Lollipop event with it. If you want to see the math for the Lollipop event, check it out here! So go out there and do those Essence dungeons to maximize your rewards!

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