Tale Of Immortal: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Don’t know where to begin in Tale of Immortal? Take a look at this guide!

Tale of Immortal is incredibly complex and if you are not familiar with its system, you may get lost and unable to proceed. This beginner’s guide will talk about the basic controls, combat system, and the world of Tale of Immortal. 

Beginner’s Guide – Tale of Immortal

As you begin the Tale of Immortal, you need to create your character. When it comes to choosing your Destiny, do make sure you can at least fight. Otherwise, you can choose whichever destiny you want. 

You will also encounter a tutorial section when you start the game so be sure to play through that first. The world of Tale of Immortal is procedurally generated, meaning no two worlds are the same, giving each player an entirely unique experience.

Traveling through the map is done through a turn-based matter but there is no real-time system in the game. The main goal of the game is for you to reach immortality, and you can find your level in the refiner tab. 

To increase your level to transcendence, you need to get EXP, go on adventures, and loot. To explore the world, simply click on the grid map to get to that area. You will find towns in the area that contains NPCs or cultivators, which whom you can bond with.

There are also local markets and taverns in the towns. There will also be Lanya pavilions where you can purchase skills. Be sure to check out the Bounty board for quests and the workshop for crafting. 

You will also find Sects all over the map, which are similar to Guildhalls. To join a Sect, you need to practice the skills that they require. Lastly, when you enter combat, you will be thrown into an ARPG-type of combat where you can constantly move your character while attacking.

Both of your mouse buttons will have assigned skills, and you can set items on your hotkeys to be able to use them immediately.

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