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Across the Obelisk has had its 1.1 version release for a while now along with the new DLC. With the dust settling down, a lot of players have seen what the new changes are, experimented on things and made builds for certain characters. There are a lot of characters in Across the Obelisk and for a new player or even a returning player you might not know what the best ones are.

In this guide, we’ll show what are the best characters in the game through the best way possible, through a Tier List!

Character Tier List for 1.1

Let’s preface this by saying that tier lists are subjective. One character in the game can be the best one you’ve used because of good RNG or just because of personal preference or play style. We understand that, this tier list is actually made by the Youtuber Corydonn and his experience in the game. He’s a veteran of the game and has been playing it for a long time. Now let’s see which characters are in tiers!

Across the Obelisk Patch 1.1 Tier List - The Wolf Wars

S – Tier

  • Andrin – Speed manipulation, High Scaling Mark Damage, Range attacks scale well as range DPS.
  • Gustav – Great healer and damage dealer, best in a supporting role but can also do some high damage.
  • Heiner – One of the best character in the game. Can have a lot of fortify stacks and can go well with fire or blunt builds.
  • Bree – Has the best Level 2 and Level 4 cards in the game, the latter being Command and Conquer which gives healing and buffs.
  • Evelyn – A great support or DPS character but you’ll need to build around her a bit.
  • Cornelius – An extremely strong character when built right and it’s easy to build like his Fire builds.
  • Ottis – Go with a DPS build and it’s great, as well as an amazing shield build.
  • Yogger – Great to scale any character at Level 5 with max stacks of fury. Will probably get nerfed because of how good it is.

A – Tier

  • Sylvie – Great damage, easy to build up piercing damage.
  • Magnus – An excellent character to build, depsite being a Warrior character there’s a funny and great build revolving around thunderclap and only using certain cards for great DPS.
  • Grukli – Get this character’s fury really high and you’ve got a great damage dealer.
  • Wilbur – Amazing lightning damage, shines in late game.
  • Zek – A great burst damage character as long as you know how to stack.
  • Reginald – Great support character and probably what most new players use to clear the game for the first time.
  • Nezglekt – Great as a support character that can set up a ton of other character’s combos.

B – Tier

  • Thuls – The Poison build doesn’t scale enough compared to other characters.
  • Malukah – Difficult to build up and ultimately other characters are better for the same amount of effort.

That’s all the characters in their respective tiers in Across the Obelisk. Remember that this tier list is completely subjective and was made by the Youtuber Corydonn. Be sure to check their video giving more information on his tier list.

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