Hades 2: Where To Find Thalamus

Those are some weird plants!

Hades 2 Where To Find Thalamus

Collecting resources in video games can be daunting especially if you don’t know where to find them. Usually, they have a lot of different materials, and you’ll need to know where they spawn so you can get them!

In Hades 2, there are a lot of resources you’ll need to gather, and some of them are needed to unlock more resources! One of them is the Thalamus and it’s something you just pick up in a run, there are more steps to it!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Thalamus in the game. We’ll go through what you’ll need and where to go to find them. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do!

Where To Find Thalamus

One of the main things you’ll want to do in Hades is unlock certain mechanics to make the game more fun and interesting. To do that you’ll need to gather certain materials and ingredients, one of which is the Thalamus. It’s not as simple as just picking them up!

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Here are the steps that we’re going to take to get some Thalamus:

  1. Unlock the Silver Spade.
  2. Unlock the Flourishing Soil Incantation.
  3. Go into the Underworld and descend into a Chaos Gate.
  4. Go through the Chaos Gates until you find Digging Spots.
  5. Use the Silver Spade on the Digging Spots.
  6. Get a chance to find Origin Seeds.
  7. Plant the Origin Seeds and let them fully grow.
  8. Harvest the Thalamus!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

To get some Thalamus in the game, you’ll need to first unlock the Silver Spade as well as the Flourishing Soil Incantation. The spade is used to get the seeds and we’ll need it to plant using the farming plots.

Once you have the Incantation and the Silver Spade, jump down into the underworld until you find a Chaos Gate. You’ll need to descend into a Chaos Gate to find the seeds we’ll need, and it will cost some of your health.

Hades 2 Chaos Gate
Jump into the chaos!

Keep on jumping further into Chaos Gates until you find a Digging Spot as shown below. There’s a random chance of it spawning, so you might get it on the first try or 5 hours later. Dig the spot using the shovel and hopefully, you’ll get Origin Seeds!

Hades 2 Digging Spot
Let’s hope you get Origin Seeds!

The Origin Seeds look like two small pink seeds like the ones shown below. Once you get them, you can then go back to the hub area and start planting them.

Hades 2 Origin Seeds
Now all we need to do is plant them!

These seeds require 7 turns to fully grow so plant them and then do a few runs, maybe you’ll find more! After they’ve fully grown, you can then interact with it and get some Thalamus!

Hades 2 Thalamus
Thalamus acquired, now use it for Incantations!

That’s how you can get Thalamus in Hades 2. Now, go out there and try to grow some for yourself! Want to know where you can get Bronze in the game? Check out our How to Get Bronze guide for more details!


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