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So cold inside the cave!

Bubbul Frogs are a new addition to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom since they are not only fun to collect but also can be traded for rare regards from Koltin. This guide will focus on the Bubbul Frog in Hebras South Summit Cave.

Hebras South Summit Bubbul Frog

  1. Head to Heabras South Summit Cave to begin the hunt for the Bubbul Frog.
  2. Inside the cave, follow the path that leads deeper into it while steering clear of the spiked plants.
  3. Eventually, you will reach an opening where a wind stream will exist.
  4. Jump into the stream and open your glider. This will push you against the roof. Make sure to deploy your glider repeatedly since the spiked plants line the roof of the cave as well and can damage you.
  5. Once you have reached the path on the opposite side, take the path toward the left.
  6. After climbing up the short cliffs and following the path, there will be an enemy on the cave roof.
  7. Defeat the enemy and follow the path until you emerge into the next room.
  8. In this room, climb the cliff right next to the entrance until you reach the top.
  9. Use Fire Fruits to burn the spiky plants blocking the way, and you should spot the Bubbul Frog on the walls.
  10. Defeat the Bubbul Frog to get the Bubbul Gem.

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

Head over to the following coordinates, which mark the entrance of the Hebras South Summit Cave. -0205, 0197, 0031.

Cave location

Head inside the cave and follow the path towards the right. Be wary of the spiky bushes that mark this path. 

Following path

Keep following the path, and you will reach some small steps quickly. Climb over these and continue to keep on the path.

Climbing short steps

Eventually, you will reach an opening where you can spot a wind stream, and the path continues on the opposite side.

Wind stream room

Jump into the stream and deploy your glider. Make sure that you redeploy after small periods since the cave room is lined with spiky bushes, and if you are not careful, the stream will send you straight into the roof, causing damage.

Jumping into stream

After reaching the opposite side, climb the small cliffs towards the left to continue onwards. Beware of the enemy on the roof after climbing the cliffs. Shooting the enemy with a Traveller’s Spear will momentarily stun it, allowing for you to hit it with a melee attack.

Following path and defeating enemy

Next, you will emerge into another large room. Start climbing the wall next to the entrance to get to the top. An alternative is to use the Ascend Abiltiy, which can be unlocked by completing the Gutanbac Shrine on the Great Sky Island.

Climbing cliff

Since the destination is high up, keep an eye on your stamina. At certain points, there will be extended ledges that can be used to restore stamina and continue the climb.

Ledge where we need to go

Towards the right, you should spot a path that leads into the room with the Bubbul Frog. Since the Spiky Bushes are blocking the way, use a fire-element weapon or Fire Fruits to burn them to proceed forward. Inside this room, you can spot the Bubbul Frog clinging to the wall. Defeat it to get the Bubbul Gem.

Bubbul Frog

Bubbul Frogs are a nice new mechanic added into Tears of the Kingdom. It is required to get these frogs if you want to acquire the new Mystic Armor set. If you have any improvements or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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