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How did the frog even get there?

Adding Bubbul Frogs in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides players with the fun challenge of locating the frogs for Bubbul Gems. These gems can be traded with Kotilin for various rewards. This guide will focus on how to get to the Bubbul Frog in Mount Drena Foothill Cave.

Mount Drena Foothill Cave Bubbul Frog

  1. Head over to the Mount Drena Foothill Cave.
  2. Descending into the cave, you will spot a campfire and a tent in the middle with a few enemies.
  3. Climb the cliff right beside the Tent.
  4. Once on top, climb the wall before you to reach the top or use the Ascend Ability.
  5. At the top, there will be a weak rock formation that you can break using a bomb flower.
  6. After breaking the wall, you will emerge into a small room and will be able to spot the Bubbul Frog on the wall.
  7. Shoot the Bubbul Frog or hit it using your weapons to defeat it and obtain the Bubbul Gem.

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Guide

Head to the following coordinates to descend into the Mount Drena Foothill Cave. -1375, 2867, 0197

Location of the Cave

Once at the coordinates, head inside the cave and follow the path downwards, which will open into the cave system. There will be a campfire and a tent in the middle of the cave. Additionally, there will be a few enemies that can be defeated with relative ease.

Campfire and enemies

After defeating the enemies, climb the cliff beside the tent to carry on with the search for the Bubbul Frog.

Cliff beside tent

Next, you have to climb the wall before you after climbing the initial cliff. An alternative is to use the Ascend Ability, which can be unlocked by completing the Gutanbac Shrine on the Great Sky Island.

Scaling the second wall

After ascending this wall, you must break a weak rock formation. This can be done using Bomb Flowers, which you can attach to your arrows and shoot at the rocks to break them.

Breaking the rock formation

Breaking the wall will reveal a smaller room where you can spot the Bubbul Frog moving around on the walls. Shoot the frog using arrows or hit it with your weapons to defeat it and obtain the Bubbul Gem.

Bubbul Frog

Bubbul Frogs are a nice new mechanic added into Tears of the Kingdom. It is required to get these frogs if you want to acquire the new Mystic Armor set. If you have any improvements or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Other Bubbul Frog Locations

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