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Let’s Meet Forbidden Horned Statue!

There’s a lot to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom! The game includes numerous main and side quests that you can complete to help your character progress along his journey. However, dealing with quests that require you to complete a large number of requirements might get exhausting at some point. That is why, from time to time, accomplishing an easy and brief side quest can be a good idea. The “Who Goes There” side quest is one of them; it is a simple mission that only requires you to speak to a Horned Statue. So, let’s find out how to activate and complete this task!

“Who Goes There?” Guide

The first thing you should know is that the Who Goes There Side Quest will not be available until you have completed one of the game’s four major dungeons. These dungeons can be entered by completing the “Regional Phenomena” quest. Completing one of the Hebra, Eldin, Gerudo, or Zora regional quests will be enough to unlock the mission.

Steps For “Who Goes There?” Side Quest

  1. Complete one of the four major dungeons to activate the quest.
  2. Go to the Emergency Shelter in Lookout Landing (-0254, 0105, 0008).
  3. Speak with Jerrin.
  4. Get into the cave and talk to Horned Statue.
  5. Complete the quest by reporting back to Jerrin.

Detailed Guide

Go to Lookout Landing and enter the Emergency Shelter. There, you will see a woman named Jerrin talking to herself. Speak with her to discover that she is concerned about the hole she made in the wall and that she is hearing odd and scary noises from beyond.

Tears of the Kingdom Who Goes There? Guide

After you are done speaking with Jerrin, crawl into the hole to find the Royal Hidden Passage.

Tears of the Kingdom Who Goes There? Guide

You will notice that the entrance of the passage is blocked by rocks. To get through them, you’ll have to fuse the rock in the ground with your weapon of choice and start smashing the obstruction. You can also use Bomb Flowers by attaching them to a bow.

Tears of the Kingdom Who Goes There? Guide

After that, proceed and you will notice noises coming from your right. Smash the rocks there as well, and you will enter a room containing a Horned Statue.

Horned Statue

The statue will reveal itself as Forbidden Horned Statue. Statue will also steal one of your heart containers after mentioning that it exists to “tamper with your essence”.

 Horned Statue

Don’t worry though! When you ask for it back, the statue will give you the option of obtaining a heart container or a stamina vessel. Just choose whichever you want.

Tears of the Kingdom Horned Statue

After you have finished talking with the Horned Statue, return to the emergency shelter and speak with Jerrin. She will then offer you 20 rupees and the Who Goes There side quest will be completed.

Completing Who Goes There? The side quest is as easy as this! The quest’s main goal is to introduce players to one of the game’s key mechanics, the Horned Statues.

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