Choo-Choo Charles: Bunker Break-In: Find A Way Into The Bunker & Retrieve The Box Of Rockets

Express delivery for a box of rockets!

In Choo-Choo Charles, you will be on a train 80% of the time (20% is you scrambling to run away from Charles because you are doing missions that require you to step off the train), so you will need to have the train be in tip top shape. That means better armor, better speed, and better weapons, which you can get by doing some missions in the game. In this guide, we will be focusing on Bunker Break-In, which is a side mission that you can do that will reward you with the rocket launcher weapon for your train.

Find A Way Into The Bunker & Retrieve The Box Of Rockets – Choo-Choo Charles

Go to the NPC to get the mission

In Choo-Choo Charles, you can get weapons from talking to NPC’s and completing their side missions. Weapon NPC’s have different colored markers on the map, being red to differentiate them from the usual NPC color which is yellow.,

The Bunker Break-In optional mission can be found on the map here.

There will be a large building and inside, you can talk to John Smith. He tells you that he was asked to make a new weapon, a rocket launcher, for you to fight against Charles. But, he doesn’t have the ammo for it, so he asks you to break into a bunker where there are rocket launcher ammo waiting.

Go to the location and get the box of rocket ammo

After talking to John, you will get the Bunker Break-In mission. Follow the objective marker and it will lead you to the bunker where the box of rockets is stored.

Before going to the bunker, head to the open field with a box and lamp in the middle. There will be an explosive there that you will need to blow open the bunker door that cannot be opened unless you use this. Be sure to get a good distance away from the door as you will be damaged when it explodes.

Once the bunker door is blown open, go inside and walk down the stairs. To your right, you will see a cart with explosives on it. You will need to use this as the entrance to the bunker room is blocked. Again, get away from the explosive as fast as you can or you will get damaged.

Once you blow up the things blocking your way, you will find the box of rockets in the middle of the room. Run back to the train and get back to John.

Speak to John and he will give you the rocket launcher for the train as a reward for completing the mission.

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