The Mimic: Complete Snowy Hell Guide & Get Yeti Cheeno

Even hell needs snow every now and then.

The Mimic: Complete Snowy Hell Gameplay and Cheeno

The Mimic is a Roblox horror game that is actually quite horrifying. The game has 3 chapters currently, but if you are playing right now, then you can play the limited time event called Snowy Hell. As stated, it is a limited time event that people can play right now solo or with friends.

If you are planning on playing, then you might be interested in trying to get the Yeti Cheeno item that comes with completing the event. In this guide, I will show you how to complete the Snowy Hell map and get the Yeti Cheeno item!

Complete Snowy Hell Guide & Get Yeti Cheeno

Before we start, let’s talk about the Yeti Cheeno. This item can be acquired by simply beating the chapter 3 of The Mimic. You don’t need to do anything special besides that.

However, if you want to make things easier, it is much better to play with friends at it speeds up the process compared to playing solo.

With that out of the way, let’s start with the first objective, which is to collect 4 hearts. The hearts are scattered all over the area and can be found easily with other people’s help.

The hearts are not that hard to find, especially with other people playing with you.

Heart location in The Mimic.

With the 4 hearts collected, go to the spinning wheel in the middle and place the hearts on the hands. You will then have to spin the wheel a few times until the hands crush the hearts. This will then open a new way forward.

Placing the hearts on the wheel and spinning it in The Mimic.

Head through the new way forward and keep going until you find a red circle on the ground. If playing with other people, all of you must stand in the circle to trigger the next encounter.

A monster will be summoned, and you will be forced to run away by going back to where you came from.

Progressing through the chapter in The Mimic.

Keep running down the hall where you came back from, and you will have to go through several obstacles like a door.

When you are playing with your friends or randoms, be sure to communicate if you are opening the door. This door has killed a lot of people because some players keep closing the door on accident.

Escaping from the monster chasing you in The Mimic.

After you escape the monster, you will enter a new area of the map. You will also notice red markers through the walls.

Your next objective is to go to these markers and interact with them to collect the materials from them.

This should be easy as the markers are pretty much seen through the walls. You will need to collect 2 Sticks and 1 Cloth in order to craft what you need.

Collecting items in The Mimic.

Once you have all items, head to one of the talking heads on the wall (Shokunin’s) and talk to them. Feed them the 2 Sticks and 1 Cloth and they will spit out a torch for you to use.

Talking to the Shokunin in The Mimic.

Once you have the torch, look around for a purple fire and use the torch to light it up. With the torch imbued with the purple flame, you can now fight back against the monster.

Using the purple flame to light up your torch in The Mimic.

With the torch in hand, approach the monster (preferably from behind) and use the torch by throwing it at it to damage it. You will need to do these 1 to 2 times, maybe 3 but that’s rare.

Fighting against the monster in The Mimic.

Now that you are done with the maze, you will have to go left instead of going right like usual. As you keep following the path, you will eventually end up in a snowy room.

Bear in mind that there should be an NPC here, but it has a low chance of spawning, so if you don’t see it the first time, you will need to do the whole thing over again.

If you do find the NPC waiting for you on the table, you can talk to the NPC (Nyudo) and it will teleport you to the new location.

Reaching the snowy room in The Mimic.

You will be teleported back to Earth but as a ghost. In the cabin that you will appear in, you will find a sleeping Santa and some items you can buy on the wall. Possess the NPC on the bed and grab the shotgun off the table.

Possessing Santa in The Mimic.

After possessing Santa and grabbing the shotgun, a short cutscene will start and you will end up in a cave with Chenoo, who is essentially the final boss.

This part is definitely easier with friends or randoms, as you can all deal damage to Chenoo from different angles.

However, Chenoo is very strong and kill you with 1 or 2 hits, so it’s advised to stay far away from each other to make yourselves harder targets.

Fighting Chenoo in The Mimic.

Once you defeat the Chenoo, you have officially beaten the event and you will be transported back to the lobby. In the lobby, you can check your inventory and you will find the Yeti Cheeno item!

Yeti Cheeno item in The Mimic.

That’s all you need to know on how to complete Snowy Hell and get Yeti Cheeno in The Mimic. Did this guide help you understand what you need to do in order to complete this event? Let us know in the comments below.


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