Lost Ark: Peacemaker Gunslinger Full Guide

How to better play with the Peacemaker Gunslinger | Updated!

Peacemaker has gone over a lot of changes in the last couple of patches. It has drastic changes and it really affects on people that play as a main as Peacemaker Gunslinger. This here is a full-on guide about how to better understand it and tweak it in every possible way. Let’s get started.

Peacemaker Gunslinger Full Guide – Lost Ark

This here guide covers:

  • Changes to the Skill Tree (Catastrophe and Bullet Rain)
  • Changes to the Priority of Skill Points
  • Priority Skill Runes
  • Setup a New Gem
  • Prioritize your cards
  • Combinations (Basic Fundamentals, Stagger, and Adrenaline Combos)
  • Engraving Variations in Use
  • Tier 3 Stat Priority (Low, Mid, and High)
  • Progression
  • Velganos, Argos, and Valtan suggestions (Gameplay for Phase 2 on Gunslinger)

The Reddit user by the name of u/NALanguage has put his wisdom in experience of the Gunslinger into a big and well-explained document. He covers literally every aspect of the Gunslinger class and if you are interested in better learning of your character, well go ahead and go through all of this written here:

If that doesn’t work for some reason you can use this link too.

A huge thank you to him, and all the credit goes to him.

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