The Riftbreaker: How To Put Mods On Weapons

Upgrade your weapons to their maximum capacity!

Easy to learn, hard to master. This game goes deeper and starts challenging you with every hour you spend immersed in gameplay. You can feel the love of the developers for depth of detail. One of the parts where you can see this is in the weapon and tower modifications department. But you wouldn’t know too much about that, since you’re reading this article, right? Well, I think we should fix that, shouldn’t we?

How To Put Mods On Weapons – The Riftbreaker

Mods, or Modifications to be more exact, are items which alter the attributes of the weapons and towers of your choosing.

They get placed into special mod slots that you can find in your inventory or when you interact with a tower. The number of mod slots varies for each weapon and tower, based on certain factors.

Weapons have a total cap on mods at 3. This cap is also influenced by the weapon’s rarity. For example, grey weapons have 0 mod slots, whilst purple weapons have 2.

You can see the limit when you have the weapon equipped.

For towers, the number of mods they can support is based on their level. A level 1 tower can have 1 mod, level 2 can have 2 mods and level 3 can have 3 mods.

To equip a mod, click the little box next to the weapon after opening the Inventory. Then you can choose which mod you want to bind.

See the blue spots next to the weapon above? That’s what you have to click. The grey “X” shows that the slot is not usable.

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