The Riftbreaker: Complete Beginners Guide | 2022

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The Riftbreaker Complete Beginners Guide 2022

Wave Survival games aren’t new in the Real Time Strategy genre. I remember when I first played a tower defense game in one of the many custom maps in Warcraft 3, spending hours and hours trying to figure out the best strategies to survive until wave 100. The skill floor of these games is quite low. But the skill ceiling is quite high as well which makes the game great for newbies and pros alike. In this Complete Beginners guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks on playing Riftbreaker.

Complete Beginners Guide 2022 For The Riftbreaker

So, the game is a wave survival game at heart. That means that you have the ability to build walls. These are the most basic and straightforward ways of stopping a wave of enemies, or slowing their advance. Well, here are some tips and tricks for using walls. Or in the case of the first tip; not using them!

Source: FireSpark81 – YouTube

Use the terrain to your advantage! Large rocks on the map are great natural walls that you don’t have to spend anything to make them!

Source: FireSpark81 – YouTube

Look at pictures of star forts. There’s a reason why we didn’t make just solid square walls at that time period. Adding bastions or outposts that branch out of your walls not only extends your range but provides overlapping arcs of fire. Just remember to protect those energy connectors with the walls too!

Bait walls are small wall sections you build outside of your base. The AI can be quite simplistic and attack the nearest structure they see. So if there’s a wall section outside of your main base then they’ll focus on that first. A great way to bait AI for your defenses to fire without your main walls getting damaged. Just remember, a big enough horde of enemies will spill out of bait walls. So make sure to create a couple of them, or have a contingency plan.

Source: FireSpark81 – YouTube

Walls aren’t the only walls! Don’t be afraid to use other structures to beef up your walls. Something you don’t mind losing like extra Energy Storage buildings can be great because they actually have more HP than normal basic walls!

Speaking of power, build a Plant Biomass Powerplant early in the game. This is a great starting power producer because you can just swing your weapons on grass and plants around the map and it automatically converts them into power!

Don’t place all your energy production into one form! Diversify your energy production by adding solar panels and wind turbines, the latter gets even stronger while inside an Ion storm!

Always build extra energy storage, you don’t want to get caught with your pants down without enough energy! Always overestimate how much storage you need because extra energy is always useful!

Source: FireSpark81 – YouTube

There is actually fast travel in this game. At any point, you can fast travel back to your main base, and when you do so you leave a green fast travel point to where you were. Once you’re done with your business in your base you can fast travel back to your previous location, doing so will remove the green fast travel point.

You can even make rift portals and place them anywhere to make permanent fast travel points!

One of the best early game weapons is the spear. Not only does it have a huge range advantage compared to other weapons, but you can also easily attack through walls with its reach! The spear also has cryo damage which Slows enemies down, making it a great weapon for kiting. 

Source: FireSpark81 – YouTube

When you’re playing a level, you might encounter an objective that says “Acidic Yeast Colony” when that happens drop everything you’re doing! This can easily spiral out of control and end your game! This is a colony of green acidic spores that multiply until it engulfs the entire map, the bigger it gets the more difficult it is to deal with!

Once you get to the colony, make a path to the center of the colony by destroying the green pods, when you destroy the center, the spreading stops.

Now that you know all of this information hopefully you can play well in your next game, so go out there and try these tips out!

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