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Look at the number of items you can purchase!

The Storage - Ultimate Combat Guide | Roblox

In The Storage, you will be put in a storage where you need to obtain items, gain buffs and fight against others. As you explore the in-game area and survive, you will want to have an understanding of all currently available weapons and buffs.

You can choose to team up with others to increase your chances of survival, or you can also play solo. There are many options for you to choose as a combat tool, including a wide range of both melee and ranged weapons. In this guide, we will showcase all weapons and buffs in the game.

Ultimate Combat Guide

Melee Weapons

The Melee Weapons currently available in the game are the Knife, Baseball Bat, Katana, Fire Axe and the Sledgehammer.

  • Fist: This is your basic melee attack, with a basic damage of 6.
  • Knife: This does 8 basic damage, 14 heavy damage, 2 block basic and 7 block heavy.
  • Bat: With this, you can deal 10 basic damage, 17 heavy damage, 0 block basic and 8 block heavy.
  • Katana: This does higher damage with 12 basic, 20 heavy, 3 block basic and 10 block heavy.
  • Fire Axe: The weapon does 15 basic damage, 25 heavy damage, 3 block basic and 12 block heavy.
  • Sledgehammer: This does the highest amount of damage with 26 basic damage, 35 heavy, 6 block basic and 17 block heavy.
The Storage - Ultimate Combat Guide | Roblox Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Your ranged weapons options are the Revolver, SMG, AK47 and Shotgun.

  • Revolver: The Revolver does 20 damage on a body shot with a x2 multiplier upon landing a headshot (40) with a block body shot of 10. The weapon uses light ammo.
  • SMG: This weapon does 11 damage on a body shot with a x2 multiplier with a headshot (22 damage). A blocked body shot deals 5 damage upon landing.
  • AK47: The weapon does 15 damage on landing a body shot, 30 damage on a headshot, 7 block body shot. This weapon uses medium ammo.
  • Shotgun: The weapon excels at shorter ranges, dealing high damage. Your body shots will deal 20-22 damage with a 40-44 damage head shot. A blocked body shot deals 10 damage upon landing.
The Storage Ranged Weapons


To increase your survivability, you can buy these following buffs: Armor Pad, The Stuff, Health Blessing, Speed Blessing, Defense Blessing and Super Human Blessing.

  • Armor Pad: The Armor Pad gives you 30 armor. Armor is a stat in the game that works like HP, giving you an extra increase to your maximum health. You can purchase this item with $80 in-game currency. This item is available by talking to the leader or the gunner Jayce.
  • The Stuff: This buff speeds you up by 2-2.5 times and increases your damage by 110%. However, the debuff on using this deals 30 damage to you. You can buy this item from Coleman.
  • Health Blessing: This buff will heal you by 70-75% of your current HP.
  • Speed Blessing: Upon buying this, your speed will be increased by 2 to 2.5 times.
  • Defense Blessing: This buff will give you 30% damage reduction. This is a great tool for you to become tankier.
  • Super Human Blessing: This speeds you up by 2 to 2.5 times with a 30% damage reduction. Your damage will also be increased by 110%

All blessings we mentioned in this guide are available for you to buy from Priest Jonathan. And that is your combat guide in the Storage. With many of the weapon options available, you will be able to become stronger and survive against other players.

The Storage Blessings

As the game develops, you may see the release of newer weapons as well as buffs to help you shape your fighting experience. You can also consider teaming up with other players to help you have an easier time farming for the currencies, which will help you get better weapons and buffs.

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