New World: Commander Marius Guide

That’s a lot of fire!

When going through a dungeon or a raid in an MMO it’s good to be prepared. You don’t want to suddenly get caught off-guard by a mechanic you didn’t know. Specially if that mechanic can kill you and lead to a team wipe. Then you’ll have to do it all over again from the start and nobody wants that! Knowledge is power in these games so arm yourself with the know-how!

In New World there’s new types of raids against new enemies, and one of the bosses you can encounter is Commander Marius. In this guide we’ll show you what the different mechanics of these bosses are so you can always be ready!

Commander Marius Guide For New World

Commander Marius is the final boss of the Empyrean Forge Dungeon. When facing him you should know the mechanics that this boss can throw at you. There’s a lot of moving around and dodging floor hazards in this boss fight so it’s best to have a ranged DPS so you can always hit the boss. Now let’s go through the mechanics this boss has.

The arena itself is a triangular arena with 3 “platforms” on each corner, remember these platforms since they’re important later.

The first mechanic is that the boss will spawn mounds around the arena that shoots lava upwards. Try to avoid them when they just spawn or you’ll take some damage.

When the boss goes to the center of the room, he’ll spawn lava around the arena. The 3 corners platforms of the arena are the safe zones. While in this zone make sure to use ranged attacks to keep the DPS up.

Once he hits around 50% HP he’ll start dropping these lava balls. They drop from one corner and goes to straight to the opposite area. Make sure to not be on the center of a platform when this happens, you can be at the sides to avoid it.

Congratulations you now know the mechanics for the Commander Marius boss fight in New World, now go out there and try to clear this dungeon!

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