Toilet Tower Defense: How To Beat Endless Mode Fast

Endless fun and endless challenge!

Toilet Tower Defense How To beat Endless Mode Fast

Despite looking like children’s games there are a lot of challenging games in Roblox and one of them is Toilet Tower Defense.

They’ve recently added a new mode which just adds to all of the difficult levels and modes this game has to offer. The new Endless mode can be daunting, and it can get quite hectic when playing with a group.

In this guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to beat Endless Mode. That or at least get to the higher waves better. We’ll go through some must-have units and some tactics to beat it!

How To Beat Endless Mode Fast

With the new update in Toilet Tower Defense, comes the new Endless mode that can challenge many players.

There’s even a leaderboard, so that you can see who the best players are and what wave they survived. Here are some tips to help you out with this mode!

Must-Have Units

There are a lot of units in Toilet Tower Defense, it’s apparent at the start that some units are better than others.

You’ll need to use the Meta units if you want to beat Endless Mode or just get to the highest possible waves.The main problem with this mode is the enemies that stun your units making them sleep and not do damage.

To remedy this, there are a couple of healer units that you can use, the best ones are the Medic Cameraman and the new Speaker Repair Drone. There is also the Camera Repair Drone, but it’s not as good since it has charges it needs to replenish in time.

Toilet Tower Defense Medic Cameraman

Another great unit that you’ll need is the Spider TV, which can handle most of the early waves. It can even reach up to Wave 25 alone.

When you see this unit struggling, you can always add another one, just make sure it doesn’t get stunned!

It’s one of the meta units in the game and is highly sought after if you don’t have that then other units like Green Laser Cameraman or Sinister Titan TV Man can work just as well.

Toilet Tower Defense Spider TV

Here are some general tips that can help you in Endless mode:

  • Placing money-making units in front of your damaging ones can be a great way to bait stuns from enemies.
  • Don’t place your money-making units near your healer units or they’ll waste their healing removing stuns on them.
  • Remember that playing with a group will increase the health of the enemies.
  • Only use Auto-skip when you know what you’re doing like in the early waves. You can easily get overwhelmed later on with it.

Those are some tips and tricks to beat Endless mode fast in Toilet Tower Defense. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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  1. my 3 old godlies only got to wave 50, and my expectation are at least 70. later in the game, i died.\
    i wanna know if it is the placement that i did wrong or is it that i need to place more units?

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