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Which of these skins are great and which are not-so-good?

In Tower Defense Simulator, there is a wide variety of towers for you to collect and use to fend off countless hordes of enemies and bosses. In addition to collecting towers, you can also get purely cosmetic skins for them that drastically change their appearance, bringing in a more personal flair to your collection. With that said, here’s a tier list of the Accelerator’s skins!

Best Accelerator Skin Tier List

Each tower in the game has a lot of skins with wildly varying effects ranging from simple recolors to full redesigns. The Accelerator tower is no exception, as it has more than ten of them!

Take note that this tier list is purely subjective, and you’re free to like whichever skins you want as they have no actual effect on gameplay aside from looking cool.


  • Vigilante – Easily one of, if not the best skin for this tower, it adds a very large and flashy weapon and backpack to the Accelerator that makes it seem like a devastating threat.
  • Mage – Although it starts off looking pretty basic, it eventually gains various flashy details as you level it up, and it does have a unique attack animation placing it at a higher tier than most other skins.
  • Ice Witch – Similar to the Mage, this skin has a very unique look with increasingly fancy details as you level it up. It also has its own attack animation, putting it above the others.
  • Ducky – It has a very unique and cute appearance, which suddenly shifts into a very intimidating aesthetic once it reaches the max level.
TDS Mage


  • Navy – Despite being mostly a recolor of the default skin, it has a much flashier aesthetic due to its bright white neon accents once it has been fully upgraded.
  • Plushie – Although it costs a large amount of real money to actually get this skin, it does have a pretty amusing bouncing idle animation and a unique fabric texture all over its body.
  • Cupid – It has a cute overall aesthetic and has a unique spinning weapon that is very pleasing to look at.
  • Hazmat – This skin really stands out due to its bright orange hazmat suit and neon green lights, as well as its large glowing backpack.
TDS Hazmat


  • Red – This is another recolor of the default skin, and while it is somewhat better than the original, it is not as flashy as the Navy variant.
  • Eclipse – Despite looking like a unique variant right off the bat, once fully upgraded, it starts to look almost identical to the default skin’s max level appearance.
TDS Red Accelerator


  • Default skin – This one is self-explanatory. Even though it is visually striking compared to other towers, it is very basic compared to all of the other variants of its own.
  • Ghost Buster – Although it is unique in its own right, it barely changes in appearance throughout the levels. At max level, it gains a glowing mask that looks slightly off.

And that concludes this tier list for the Accelerator’s skins in Tower Defense Simulator. Again, this is completely subjective, so your favorite skins may not be in the places you expected!

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