Tower Defense X: How To Grind Medals in All Maps Easily (Cheap & Fast Guide)

Medals and a lot of gold for rewards!

Tower Defense X has just added new medals to all maps in the game with v2.0 update. These medals come with big rewards in the form of golds that’ll make grinding to get new towers a lot quicker. This guide is especially perfect for beginners who don’t have a lot of strong towers to spare. We’re going to share the easiest way to do the medals especially if you don’t have a lot of strong towers to spare. Let’s go!

How To Grind Medals in All Maps Easily

Medals have been added to the game and you can check them out by clicking on the medal icon here. You’ll see which map you’ve cleared on which difficulty. Every map has 4 medals and Endless mode doesn’t give medals.

New medals achievement in all maps in Tower Defense X.

We’ve got some tips for this, but let’s start with these useful keybinds for Tower Defense X which will make things easier, especially if you’re new to the game.

Units You Should Get

If you’re very new to the game, it’s best that you hop into any Easy/Simple rounds to try out what it’s like. If you want to get into the nitty gritty of things, here’s a list of important towers you should aim to get:

  • Shotgunner is your best first troop to get as a beginner. With Shotgunner and the basic unit, you should be able to clear any Simple and Normal map on Easy difficulty. Clears out easy waves fast.
  • Operator is another great unit for DPS reasons. It’s also very cheap! Another great unit for Normal and Easy difficulty.
  • Cryo Blaster: This is an amazing tower that’s especially good for boss fight. Once you have cleared a few Easy modes, you should have enough money to get the Cryo Blaster.
Cryo Blaster tower in Tower Defense X.
  • Barracks: You can get the Barracks first or the Cryo Blaster first. Both are amazingly good.
  • Armored Factory: Very strong, very good in almost every map. When in doubt, place the Armored Factory.
  • Juggernaut is a great late-game tower for the DPS. It has really good range and daamge.

Eventually, you will want to unlock all the units. So this is just a priority list on what you should get if you have the money. And if you have friends to help you, the rounds will get even easier.


If you’re in multiplayer with other players, as long as your entire team has decent DPS towers, you’re more likely than not to win most rounds in any difficulty. Multiplayer always makes things better.

But if you’re solo, you will want to always bring Cryo Blaster for boss fights. Especially if you’re still armed with only Shotgunners and Operators. Below is an example of a setup for Deserted Island in Easy mode with only Shotgunners and Cryo Blasters.

Cryo Blasters against boss.

Most Easy mode in any map except most Impossible can be completed with relatively similar strategies. Cheap and easy, right?

Once you’ve got your Barracks, you’re ready to challenge harder difficulties. Barracks can help you work through Easy and even Intermediate levels in easier maps. Strategy doesn’t really differ where you use Shotgunners at the front to get money and clear out the easy waves.

Armored Factory in Tower Defense X.

Progress slowly through the Easy mode of harder maps using Armored Barracks, Operator, and Shotgunners.

Once you get the Armored Factory, you can start doing Intermediate level for the medals in harder maps. This will not be the only thing you need to grind all the maps as some can be harder. Alternatively, after getting medals, grind Easy level in Expert and Impossible Maps for the gold.

Once you get Juggernauts, EDJ, and other strong towers, you can now be confident to clear Expert level. At this point, you will already know how good the Shotgunner is and the best playstyle to use. You can also join most parties in harder difficulties, which will make things easier.

That’s how you can grind for medals in all maps as easily as possible in Tower Defense X. Stay in the cool club with this guide on how to get Golden Towers in TDX!


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