Wild Hearts: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

All the help you need while hunting Monsters!

Wild Hearts is a game that is very similar to Monster Hunter, in terms that you’d be hunting a lot of monsters in it. Although that is the case, it is a very complex game that both veterans of the genre and beginners alike will need some help with.

In this beginner’s guide, we will be your helping hand and give you some very important tips. Let’s get started.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Wild Hearts

#1 Master Your Weapon

There are 8 different weapon types that you can obtain in Wild Hearts, which are very similar to Monster Hunter if you are familiar with that game, and they can be pretty crazy.

Each of them has its own strengths as well as weaknesses and can be very complex with unique move sets and playstyles.

We highly recommend that you choose a weapon of your preference and you stick with it. Now just head on over to the Training Mode and just make all of the possible attack patterns.

This way you can master a weapon or two and be way deadlier in action by actually not just spamming random attacks with weak damage output.

The most important thing to learn is the combos.

#2 Weapon With the Highest DPS

Do not be easily fooled by weapons that have a higher DPS than some of the weapons. The DPS meter and mark do not mean anything when playing in Wild Hearts.

As we’ve discussed in the previous tip, you need to master those combos.

Only when doing the proper combos, will you get the real damage output. A mere number of high DPS is nothing and this is actually one of the most important things to know if you’re a beginner in these types of monster-hunting games.

Go with the most interesting weapon for you to learn and master as much as you can.

#3 Use The Karakuri

Wild Hearts isn’t all about hacking and slashing at the big monsters ahead of you, although it sure is a heck of a lot of fun.

But when in combat, do not forget to make sure of the Karakuri, which are basically the structures that you can summon while you’re traveling or simply when facing a monster 5 times your size.

Something as simple as summoning crates to do jumping attacks will change the pace of the battle in your favor. You can do the timing ticking bombs, the catapult that can fire upon your enemy. Even some professional Wild Hearts gamers have started using the zip lines to their advantage.

Explore the Dragon Pits so that you can obtain more of them and use them to update the Karakuri from the Skill tree.

#4 Create Base Camps

Something that is often seen done by a lot of players, is actually neglecting the importance of Base Camps. Make sure that as you travel along the map and get to explore different monsters and bosses, to set up as many camps as possible.

They do not cost you all that much and give you in return a whole lot.

The most important thing about them is the fast travel point. The second most important thing is to be able to change your equipment if need be even in the middle of a hunt. You can just come here and refresh your character, make them as strong as ever, and then go into battle.

#5 Codex

If you didn’t know about Cyclopedia inside the game, now is the perfect moment to find out about it.

Basically, everything about the monsters that you will be hunting, to their habitat and locations will be here. It’s going to help you a lot by knowing what to use against them and what to stay away from. Learn about all of their weaknesses before you take them on.

#6 Side Quests & Jobs

If you wanted to get a ton of resources that you can use for crafting as well as very easy cash and EXP, you will definitely want to do the side quests and jobs. Lots of people neglect them and just try to hunt down big monsters.

Well, this way you can do that too, but at the same time be rewarded by a random NPC in town. Double profit!

Those are the most important thing that will get you started out just fine in Wild Hearts. We hope that this beginner’s guide has helped you out a bit.

Have fun playing the game and try not to get eaten alive by those monsters!

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